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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Growing Roses

Growing roses in northern Minnesota can be a challenge but for me it is only for the flowers to paint. Then each year, I plant new ones so I have new painting material again. It can get down to 40 below zero here in the winter so roses need alot of protection to make it. Some people actually dig trenches to place the plants into and cover them up. That is too much work for me so each year I begin anew. I have found some Canadian hardy roses that come again each year but they are not the same as the lovely tea roses that I love to paint. This painting I entitled, Aglow, as the sunlight lit it up so that it appeared to be glowing in the garden!


Andy M. said...

Glad to see you got your images up-Aglow looks great on the teal-green color.

Hoyt said...

Yours is going to be a great blog. It's off to a fine start.

Andy M. said...

You must put a link from your website- I was trying to remember the name and search for it at blogspot. LOL- I was trying "watercolor maniac", "watercolor manic"- finally I had to go back and find the link at artcafe. Phew- 10 minutes later, I see its "watercolor mania"- I am going to have bookmark it- Have a good weekend.

Doris Joa said...

Hi Janie, what a great blog. Yours is going to be wonderful!!! I will visit this blog more often and enjoy it.
I know, that I also have a blog, I did it last year, I will search, where it is. LOL. Now that my computer is working again, it would be maybe a good idea, to talk something about here and around my work. Yours is really great. Janie. Keep on

Michelle Himes said...

I love this painting!
I like to paint roses too, and I try to grow them but they never last past two or three seasons. Your post made me feel a little better about having to replace them so often.

Linda said...

Jane , Youre roses are nothing but beautiful. Did you paint this in watercolor? I wanted to ask a question if I may is thre any really good wc video because I have to learn to paint this flower. I'm being self taught and you always run into areas where you just cant fiqure out.