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Friday, October 07, 2005

Life Has Seasons

I have been very remiss in writing here in my blog but for very good reason. Mostly I had nothing to say! I had a friend who was dying of cancer and his wife is my best friend. I just did not paint, making myself available if she should call. She did not call often but I was always ready. Instead I spent time in the gardens and completely removed one, sending the perennials to the ditch to bloom there. All in all, I think what I did was take a break from everything and spent more time in thought about what I really want with the rest of my life. I am not sure but the time gave me new avenues to investigate. I managed to make 160 blankets for the police and social services for the purpose of placing around children that are removed from homes where there is rape, incest, domestic violence and meth lab situations. I would never have had time for such a thing if I had not put my art on hold.It was an opportunity to give back to my community. The picture above shows the last load going in of 80 blankets.
We all go through seasons in our life and rather than beating ourselves up about it, step back and use the time to look at the life you lead. Is it of quality and full of happiness and blessings and friends or do you need to spend some time in one of these areas? Friendships take time just like marriage does. Time to talk and bond and support one another. I am so grateful that I had this time. I could easily do it again next summer just to enjoy the gardens and get up at 5 am and weed the garden while listening to the loons call across the lake. It was "soul time" and I feel enriched to have had to opportunity to try it.


Michelle Himes said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It's good that you were able to make the time to be there for her. You are right in that everyone needs to take a break at times. Looking forward to your getting back to painting soon.


Andy M. said...

Looks like you got Spammed there Ms. Janie.

It helps to set the word verification on.

Jacqui said...

I lost both of my parents over an 8 month period last year and had to put painting aside, as well. I'm just now getting the desire back. Had to have time to be accesible to them, and later, to heal. It's precious to find a kindred spirit in you.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. everything you give will come back to you and more!