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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wishing you a Merry Chirstmas!

I have been so busy that I have had little time to think about blogging! I know all of you are having the same problem as this time of year all we do is play catch up it seems!
I have begun a new painting of a purple waterlily which I am anxious to get at but cookie baking took me away yesterday and then there was wrapping presents one day and shopping...the list goes on but at least it is there on the drawing board, ready to go when the opportunity strikes!
I wanted to mention a new blog I have started for artists. It is at and hopefully it will grow with artists who can share thoughts and ideas. We all need encouragement from time to time and hearing what others are doing can often get us off the couch to paint!!!
My book is about done and the title has been chosen, A Celebration of Light, and there is also a subtitle but cannot recall it. It is about texture however. Ha! It doesn't come into the bookstores until next October so by then I will have forgotten I even wrote a book!!! But it feels good to have accomplished that and now I am ready to move on. I am teaching a few workshops which I will talk about later. Hopefully I will meet some of my internet friends at them!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas is upon us and this is a most unusual one! We woke up to 30 degrees at 5 am and melting snow. That is highly unusual for northern Minnesota where we could easily be -20 in late December! So this is going to be a great day to get outside and enjoy a nice walk in the woods!

I am sending you a Christmas card and hope that the New Year will bring you many blessings and bountiful laughter and joy! May there be peace in this world and in our hearts and remember to be kind to each other.
This is my cat hiding in the Christmas tree thinking he cannot be seen...what a silly fellow he can be but perhaps he is just a poser and knew I would paint his picture! Ha!

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Celebration Of Light

My newest painting is hot off the board and is off to the printer as we speak! I am hoping that it also will be a step by step demo in my new book out next October. I had taken this photo several years ago and was afraid to start painting it because I knew if it did not get just right it would not be one I would ever repeat. In the end I had to do the fabric freehand as the deadline was looming over me. It turned out and I am very happy with it.
Creating the look of light is something I try with all of my paintings but in some it is more dramatice because of the cast shadows. This is what very often sets apart a painting and catches the eye.
Working with only transparent watercolors works for me because I never worry about not being able to lift an area. It still will leave a slight stain but it allows me to try somethings that I would never try with an opaque staining color. Plus, transparent paints allow the white of the paper to glow through creating the illusion of light!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

October and Pumpkins

I cannot believe it is already into October because I really do not remember having summer! I was so busy with my book this year I think I have lost alot of months along the way but now with winter returning I see I have come full circle and another year older and hopefully wiser!
This is a painting I completed for my book to demonstrate how complementary colors can really make things pop! This wagon I purchased at a garage sale and yes, it really was this color! I immediately knew it would look gorgeous with anything orange in it so settled on this composition but next fall think I will use alot of mums in the wagon and maybe George, my big black kitty.
Some have been inquiring about my book and when it will be out and I have been told that will be next October and the title has not yet been picked so will keep you informed.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This is one of the paintings I completed for my new book out next October. I always see hollyhock flowers and think it looks like a chorus of singers with mouths open wide singing at the top of their lungs so thus the title. I wanted to show complimentary colors and how they work to create an exciting contrast.
How is the weather in your area? We have been so hot and with the county fair on I was very concerned about all the animals in the barns. I guess they made it but it must have been hard on them. Today we are cooler and so I hope it makes its way to you as well. The house is cooling down and the animals all wanted to go out this morning so that was a good sign! Rejoice, Fall is on it's way!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Newest Painting

I have just completed my newest painting for my book. I have titled it "Prize of the Patch" for now unless you have something marvelous that you think works better! I think naming a painting is the hardest part sometimes because there is often the obvious but boring titles and to come up with something different seems impossible. I know one person who actually visits the lipstick counter to seek out titles which maybe is a good solution! HA! They are very creative I suspect as well as fingernail colors. Well, I think there might be a better way but have yet to find it. I now have only 7 more mini demos to go and some rewriting and if I am lucky, I might get one more full painting in as well. It all depends on how the writing goes from now on. I have to teach one more workshop in Redwing, Mn and a small family reunion, otherwise the calander is clear and hopefully things will wrap up on Oct 9th right on schedule! I will keep you posted.
I wanted to mention that sometimes people ask me questions on this blog but I am unable to answer that way so if you have a question please email me through my website at Thanks!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Importance of Drawing

I am sorry I have not been blogging like I should. The book is going well. Only 4 months to go and that will fly by quickly as summer always does. Of course, being raised on a farm, it is nearly impossible to keep me indoors but I will velcro my butt to a chair if I have to so I can finish this up properly!
I completed a drawing as a study to show in my book as well as to compete with. It was completed in 3 days working very long hours but it was worth it. I use to draw all the time so it was nice to find the time to do it again but now painting consumes my time with only a drawing to begin the painting.
This is a set up I did to possibly paint. It has 3 vases in it but I chose to draw just one. I think if I paint it all 3 will be in it. I have saved it to do this coming winter as I want it to be quite large to go above the fireplace. It has alot of potential as there are so many textures in the water with reflections etc and you all know how much I enjoy a good challenge!
Keep your brush in the wells!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Questions From Viewers

I have been receiving art questions but cannot answer them as they are originating from this blog so there is no return. If you have questions for me about painting or workshops, please email me. You will find my email address at my website which is and then I will be able to answer you.
To Linda, I suggest that you view a video by Susan Harrison-Tustain if you are interested in learning to paint roses. Hers are wonderful. I will have a book out next summer and a video at that time as well.
Thanks for all the emails!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Watercolor Workshops

I have two new watercolor workshops coming up so thought I would list the information here as well as on my website.
I will be in Charlotte, NC May 5-7 and the person in charge is Barbara. You may contact her for any information at
I will also be teaching July 25-27th in Redwing, Minnesota and the contact person for that is Peggy at
I thought I would show you the latest completed painting that will hopefully be used in my book called Beltrami County Fair. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Wild Cat Rescue Continues

I began caring for a stray cat before Thanksgiving and at that time he was so weak he tipped over from lack of food. He then began to live in my garage and loved to be held. He knew how to use a litter box so I knew he had been someone's pet. The day came when we started the snow blower and he became so scared he ran away. From that point on he only came in the night to eat in the garage. Unfortunately, so did raccoons and a fox! I would see Nicky every once in awhile but having such a mild winter I was not too nerveous even though he was apparently living under decks at area cabins. This last week however, it dropped to -50 to -60 degrees with windchill factored in and I became alarmed and did not see him for 4 days and no food was eaten. I thought he either froze or the fox got him but guess what!? Nicky appeared again and he is eating on schedule. The dish is empty this morning. He is a miracle cat and I hope to tame him but as time goes on he is becoming more wild. Hopefully by spring when I can be outside more, he will become use to me again.
The book is coming along well. I am working on chapter 4 and hope to get an editor one of these days to read over things so I am not suddenly surprised with alot to redo!!! I am sorry this seems to be a once a month log but I hope to get better at this...I need someone to write to me and remind me! HA!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Studio Painting Alert!

What I say here is in jest but I feel there is some merit to what I am about to say! As you know I am working on a book so I seem to be in the sitting mode most of the time. I have come to the conclusion that this can cause one's butt to take the shape of the chair it is sitting in! HA! Therefore, be careful that it has a nice shape and that it is not a stool that could cause you to droop over the edges or to cushy to cause you to become fluffy as well! It is just a joke but sometimes when I stand up after sitting so long I think it might be true and think we should invent a chair with a nice butt shape in it. My theory is it would work like retainers for teeth, keeping things in alignment! HA! I have named it the Tush Push!
I am progressing and have completed most of chapter 3 at this time and one complete painting with progressive steps and several demos. I have drawn 3 more complete paintings and one is 1/3 painted so as you can see, I am making some headway be it ever so slowly.
Thought I should post something for you to look at so will post a Christmas tree I had outside this year. Actually, I had three done like this and it was fun to see them lit up at night. I miss them now but we hardly have any snow left so they would have looked rather silly if I had kept them up. It has been a very mild winter for us.
I will try to be better about this blog and keep you more informed...that is my New Year hope anyway!