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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Wild Cat Rescue Continues

I began caring for a stray cat before Thanksgiving and at that time he was so weak he tipped over from lack of food. He then began to live in my garage and loved to be held. He knew how to use a litter box so I knew he had been someone's pet. The day came when we started the snow blower and he became so scared he ran away. From that point on he only came in the night to eat in the garage. Unfortunately, so did raccoons and a fox! I would see Nicky every once in awhile but having such a mild winter I was not too nerveous even though he was apparently living under decks at area cabins. This last week however, it dropped to -50 to -60 degrees with windchill factored in and I became alarmed and did not see him for 4 days and no food was eaten. I thought he either froze or the fox got him but guess what!? Nicky appeared again and he is eating on schedule. The dish is empty this morning. He is a miracle cat and I hope to tame him but as time goes on he is becoming more wild. Hopefully by spring when I can be outside more, he will become use to me again.
The book is coming along well. I am working on chapter 4 and hope to get an editor one of these days to read over things so I am not suddenly surprised with alot to redo!!! I am sorry this seems to be a once a month log but I hope to get better at this...I need someone to write to me and remind me! HA!

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