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Monday, June 19, 2006

Newest Painting

I have just completed my newest painting for my book. I have titled it "Prize of the Patch" for now unless you have something marvelous that you think works better! I think naming a painting is the hardest part sometimes because there is often the obvious but boring titles and to come up with something different seems impossible. I know one person who actually visits the lipstick counter to seek out titles which maybe is a good solution! HA! They are very creative I suspect as well as fingernail colors. Well, I think there might be a better way but have yet to find it. I now have only 7 more mini demos to go and some rewriting and if I am lucky, I might get one more full painting in as well. It all depends on how the writing goes from now on. I have to teach one more workshop in Redwing, Mn and a small family reunion, otherwise the calander is clear and hopefully things will wrap up on Oct 9th right on schedule! I will keep you posted.
I wanted to mention that sometimes people ask me questions on this blog but I am unable to answer that way so if you have a question please email me through my website at Thanks!