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Thursday, October 12, 2006

October and Pumpkins

I cannot believe it is already into October because I really do not remember having summer! I was so busy with my book this year I think I have lost alot of months along the way but now with winter returning I see I have come full circle and another year older and hopefully wiser!
This is a painting I completed for my book to demonstrate how complementary colors can really make things pop! This wagon I purchased at a garage sale and yes, it really was this color! I immediately knew it would look gorgeous with anything orange in it so settled on this composition but next fall think I will use alot of mums in the wagon and maybe George, my big black kitty.
Some have been inquiring about my book and when it will be out and I have been told that will be next October and the title has not yet been picked so will keep you informed.


Jave said...

beautiful painting! succes with your book

John Salmon said...

Interesting blog. I'll be back soon for an extended look around.

Wassef Zebian said...

I loved your blog I will check regularly from now on. I wish I could send you my painting of Pumpkin with Wine.