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Friday, November 17, 2006

A Celebration Of Light

My newest painting is hot off the board and is off to the printer as we speak! I am hoping that it also will be a step by step demo in my new book out next October. I had taken this photo several years ago and was afraid to start painting it because I knew if it did not get just right it would not be one I would ever repeat. In the end I had to do the fabric freehand as the deadline was looming over me. It turned out and I am very happy with it.
Creating the look of light is something I try with all of my paintings but in some it is more dramatice because of the cast shadows. This is what very often sets apart a painting and catches the eye.
Working with only transparent watercolors works for me because I never worry about not being able to lift an area. It still will leave a slight stain but it allows me to try somethings that I would never try with an opaque staining color. Plus, transparent paints allow the white of the paper to glow through creating the illusion of light!