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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Demo of Purple Waterlily step 3

I have begun to lay in the water in this case, blues as I would like the blues to move through the last layers of gray that I will be adding. This has been a difficult piece because I am straying from my resource material and plan which is one of my first rules when I teach a workshop! I am setting myself up for failure. Not a complete failure but that it will not be the best it can be because I have no plan and I could make a big mistake in color choices at this point. I always work from the back to the front so I am trying to lay in any background colors and to find shapes before I proceed.


Zan Barrage said...

Wonderful so far. What size is it?

Jane Freeman said...

This is a full sheet but I suspect there will be a crop in this as I think it is too heavy on the right...but we will see. Today I am going to just go for it and create some heavy color on the left and see if it will offset everything. If not...well then hopefully a crop will fix my mistake! HA!

Michelle Himes said...

Jane, I love it! Don't worry so much, I'm sure it will be fantastic.


Jane Freeman said...

Thanks Michelle. I am getting closer to done but have had no sunshine to be able to take a digital picture so as soon as I get sunshine I will try to show where I am at.

Terry Banderas said...

I found your site last week. I like seeing what you do as well as your comments. It's nice to see how others approach their paintings.

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Terry...I am almost done. It was going to go to the photographer last night but did not make it...I will soon have some slides and then I will post the finished painting. I will try to remember what I did to solve a few problems and we will see if it worked or not!! Ha!

jakkie said...

Jane, I love this , and thanks you verrrry much for posting how you go about analyzing and correcting.

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Jakkie! I will have the conclusion up within 2 days and then try to tell you what I did and why to fix a few problems! Keep watching...I hope to do more of this!

Terry Banderas said...

Do you get photo images only from your photographer or does he also scan a hi-reso for giclees?

Jane Freeman said...

Terry, I get slides, transparencies and a cd burned of the image from him. I send my work to Giclee by the Bay in California to have them scanned and giclees made. I would like to find something closer however but they are so nice to work with so I stay. with the art market getting so soft, I might not make giclees for awhile because it becomes expensive and storing everything is a real pain! HA!

Dominick Pilapil said...

hi there ms. Jane,I'm Dominick,17 yrs, old from the Philippines,I'm very much interested with watercolor painting.. and I find your work fantastic.
can I ask for some basic techniques that you're using?? you may e-mail me at

I'm anticipating you're favorable response on my request.

more power and god bless..

Dominick Pilapil
amateur watercolorist