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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Gravey Boat

Not sure that this is the title however it is a gravey boat and found that to be kind of a funny title...we will see if it lasts. This one will take alot of patience and I am not sure I will last! Some have called me the Lace Queen but I am afraid this lace will be the end of that history! HA! I am also testing the transparent Lunar Black from Daniel Smith in this painting to see how it works and it granulates very nicely and I think will lend itself to sterling well. The grapes are Yellow Gold mixed with Phthalo Turquoise or Manganese Blue Hue depending on which grape and sometimes just straight Yellow Gold all of which are Daniel Smith. I hope this painting comes together as I have loved this photo for several years but hesitated to paint it because of all the lace. I will continue to post but it might take some time before there is a real noticable difference so you will have to have some patience too! Thanks for looking!


Michelle Smith said...

You must be one patient soul to attempt that much lace. I look forward to seeing it finished.

Jane Freeman said...

Michelle, I will be sort of nuts when this one is done that is for sure! But...I took this photo about 5 years ago and everytime I look at it I think if I could do it it would be I decided I would finally attempt it and do my best. The lace is so difficult in this one with all the folds...but I am approaching it like a puzzle and doing one piece at a time. I think the difficult side is the right side so want to get most of that going...that will make the rest seem easy! Ha!