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Friday, April 13, 2007

Gravy Boat Step 4

I am so sorry this is taking so long. There have been a number of things that have traspired over the last few weeks that have kept me hopping! First I was signing a contract to license all my images which is final now so I hope that some good things happen! Second, my other business has taken off unexpectedly and so have had to make more time for that. I design and reconstruct clothing for small girls. It is a popular fashion on the westcoast where recycling is important. They have been selling well and I thought it was just going to be a fun thing to do for a few weeks and that was that! Hopefully this next batch of clothes will be done this weekend and I can get back to this painting.
Gravy boat has been a challenge because of the lace. There were so many folds that it was a case where I finally had to just find the shapes and patterns to make sure it would read correctly. I believe I have that now so it will go much better as I do not have to worry about the shapes but can just paint. Nothing is done at this point but it is reading lace and most areas are filled in so I believe it will be much more fun now and go faster. The colors in the lace are Transparent Brown Oxide, Quin. Gold Quin. Sienna and Carbazole Violet. I have tried to keep a variety of values even at this stage but now will have to go in and define things better and get more darks in so the holes in the lace pop better. Thanks for your patience!


Michelle Smith said...

The lace looks amazing! It's so interesting to see the progression of a watercolor painting. If you're not a watercolor artist, to see the beginnings of a painting you'd think "this doesn't look so good" then it soon transforms into something really good.

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Michelle. It certainly can become a labor of love! But it is something I enjoy...sort of like putting together a puzzle, once you find those edges and a few of the shapes, the rest just starts to fall into place. I hope next week to be able to devote more time to it. The weather here is finally nice and the osprey and blue heron have returned so it is hard to stay inside after a long winter.

Anita said...

Jane - Thank you for posting the step by step. Its wonderful to see how you work. That lace is fabulous!

Andy Mathis said...

Hello Ms. Janie,
I haven't been by your blog in ages. I think I remember seeing the start of gravy boat, but hadn't seen the rest of it.
And I didn't know about your licensing deal. I want a personalized autographed copy when the book comes out :)