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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Watercolor Apologies

This blog has been dangling for way too long! I am very sorry but life just gets in the way sometimes and for me, if my mind cannot be on my painting completely, then I should not paint as I do a poor job when my mind is somewhere else.
My husband broke his foot and so I do all the yard work which means 3 hours of mowing every third day! We have had stacks of company which means I am a glorified maid and cook while that goes on. I am now under the gun and am hoping to get real close by Monday morning and I promise as soon as I get this thing done I will post it. It has been so complicated with the lace and when you are away from that for awhile it becomes unfamiliar and hard to find the lines again to retain the pattern. Hopefully this will still turn out ok and I will be ready to move on. Then off to the printers to scan and hopefully like what I see.
This brings up something for you you notice that once you finish a painting you can be tired of it completely and not like it? Then once I send it off to the printers it takes about 10 days and then I see the print and say...oh did turn out after all! I think we need time away from our work sometimes to get a clearer perspective on what we have done. But not so long that we forget what we are doing! HA!
Thank you for putting up with the delays...I hope to post within the week...In the mean time...Happy July 4th! Janie