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Monday, July 09, 2007

My Book Is Available!

My book "A Celebration of Light" is available at Amazon for pre-orders! I was quite surprised to see it there already as it will not be available in bookstores until perhaos the first week in Sept. You can view it here and hopefully you will want to order one to see what this old goat has to say!
I am nearly done with the gravy boat painting but unforseen things have kept me from finishing it of late but I believe it would just take a couple of days to get it done and off to the printer for hopefully my next post will be of the finished piece! Thanks for your patience!


Anita said...

WOOOHOOO - Going to put my name down for that right now!

Jane Freeman said...

Thanks Anita! It is very strange to have a book, and never to have see it! It will be nice when I can actually hold it and see what it really looks like!