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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Finally It Has A Name!

The suggestions was given to me just a couple of days ago to title the grapes and silver piece "Saucey Grapes" which I liked very much. I wanted something to elude to the gravy boat and I just could not come up with anything. Of course, those serving pieces were also used for sauces too so that worked great. I had to have a title as it was at the printers and did not have a clue what to tell Saucey Grapes it is!Now the question is should I use the sauce spelling and add a y...or what as I am not sure there is such a word as that. The word would be saucy which is impertinent...insolant...and I do not want it to mean that. So I think to keep it from having a wrong meaning I have to gio with this spelling? Any suggestions? There is the "well sauced" which is seasoned... so is it more correct to say "Well Sauced Grapes"...? Let me know your thoughts! J