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Monday, December 17, 2007

Prism Update!

I am showing you where this is at but am not happy with where it is. I was doing well until I saw the perspective on the left side of the book did not work...had to was it off with a toothbrush which I hate because from now on it will not paint the same. Hopefully it will work out ok. Then for some strange and unknown reason, I painted that stupid lace as I was simply because the other had turned out I think...I was not following my plan and just did I hope that I can make it work. I did the very thing I tell my students not to do...keep with the plan that you know will work! Ha! Well, I am the worst when it comes to following anything, orders, plans, maps I hope that it will still be ok but I know it will not be what it could have been. Nevertheless, here it is at this moment before I begin moving into the background. I am still not done with all the prisms but that had become too tedious and I needed to move on for awhile. If I can get some first coats of the background in, then I might feel up to finishing off the glass.

1 comment:

kim said...

Hi Jane: I noticed the perspective problem right away. I paint in oils so perhaps am not much help, but could you put something else on the book, covering up that corner? It'd be a shame to start over, those crystals are beautiful. I enjoy your work very much!