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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Step Two With the Prisms!

I am sorry about the delay in the next picture but we have had no sun so it just would have been too gray a picture. Today it is sunny but it is -20 degrees so freezing out there. I took a quick picture and hopefully will not have to redo it. I did crop it some because of a shadow falling over part but I think the part where I have been painting is showing up well enough to help you see what I am doing. Finding the shapes within each prism is really taking alot of time, more than I anticipated. But if I do it right the results will be worth it. I worry at some point I will become impatient and hurry something so it is not I am trying to just do each part the best I can and take breathers. I am using Daniel Smith paints on 300# ARches. Mostly I am using Indanthrone Blue, Qinachridone Sienna, Transparent Brown Oxide, Sap Green and New Gamboge. The reds are Perylene Scarlet and Perylene Red. OVer glazing with Transparent Pyrrol Orange is helping to give areas some nice sparkle so far. I am enjoying that new color. I think it might just become the final glaze for some of the reds too as it really enlivens the colors.

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