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Monday, March 24, 2008

What!? I Finished This Some Time Ago!

Silly me, I finished this painting a month ago or more...but forgot to post the finish. I have too many irons in the fire! Plus, we seem to keep getting sick this winter and then I have had eye thing after another. Somehow I must be better about sticking with blogging! I am going to really try this year to keep this up better starting today!! HEre is the finished painting which is titled "Papa's Pepper" after a book I read called "The Shack" I infact am going 3 hours from here tomorrow to pick it up from the framer and several of the giclees which are now framed...I hope you like how it turned out!
I have been busy getting ready for my summer workshops. If you are interested there is still room in a few so hurry. My schedule is at my website, I would love to me you in Maine or Wisconsin or Colorado!


Billie Crain said...

Jane, this just glows! i marvel at your patience with all those details and your backgrounds are to die for.

i see you solved the perspective on the book corner. i really didn't notice it in your last post until you mentioned it.

Jane Freeman said...

Thanks Billie! Yes, I think I finally solved that problem...I had no idea when I took that picture that the book would be so distorted and fan out so much...I believe next time I will be more careful about that. Or maybe I just won't do anymore books! Ha!

Anonymous said...
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Veda Murthy said...

I m seeing ur blog for the first time Jane! i m simply in awe seeing your paintings!