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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Copyright Issues!

It has come to my knowledge that my images are being copied and painted by others. I will no longer be putting up large images. I did that so you could see what I was doing and learn but it also has allowed people to print off these images and use them. This is an infringement on my ownership of this image. I am surprised that so many do not understand this principle. ALL photos are owned by the person who took them. So if you copy out of books and magazines you are breaking the law. Copying my images is breaking the law. If you are a true artist, you must create your own work. Many artists have copied in the past to learn...but then that piece is never shown because it is truly not their created piece and it must be stated somewhere in the title. It is also wrong to enter such pieces in shows...even those produced at workshops. These are still not your images or done completely by you. When you begin to get input on how to improve your painting and guidance, you no longer can say it was entirely painted by you and that should not then be entered into a show. Many art clubs help each other and have critique sessions and then upon those suggestions things are changed in the painting. It now is a club painting and should not be entered into a show. If a judge discovers that this is a copy or was a critiqued piece, it cam be disqualified and you can be asked not to exhibit there for 3 years. I hope I have impressed upon you the importance of doing your own work. Get your cameras out and get your own references...that is part of being a real artist. CREATE YOUR OWN WORK!


Regina said...

Jane, I'm so glad you brought this up. I have LOVED looking at your WIP's in the large size, dreaming to paint like you. BUT also wondering if people were stealing your work since it was at such a high resolution.
I will continue to follow your blog because it is so inspiring. I'm painting mostly in acrylic now, but started in watercolor and will be back at it one of these days.

Jo said...

I'm sorry to hear that people have been grabbing your work and using it to paint something they later claim is their own. I had wondered if people would lift your line work from here since you had been posting such high res images. I love seeing the step by step images lined up so that your stages are obvious. Figures some bad apples would ruin that experience for the rest of us.

I have to wonder what circles you show in. I have never heard the idea that a verbal critique makes the painting no longer your own work but instead a collaboration. Having a second set of eyes pointing out your flaws and weaknesses is a standard tool since everyone becomes blind to their own bad habits. It in no way gives the critique giver any rights to your work in a legal sense. Its one thing if the other person(s) is putting brush to paper to help but verbal critiques?

Being caught in copy right infringement is always grounds for disqualification but I've never had a judge ask "has anyone offered you advice on this piece?".

As far as people not knowing what constitutes copyright infringement ... its a constant battle thanks to the internet. Its so easy to get a copy of an image and then repaint (or worse yet, overpaint it) and call it your own. Paintings, photographs, you name it. If it is posted on the web, someone is going to think its free game to do with whatever they want and its up to the true owner to put a stop to it. I'm sorry that this has happened to you. Those of us who were here to watch your process are the ones who will lose out thanks to the thieves.

Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Hi Jane,

Most of us have suffered from other 'artists' copying our work. I am sorry this has happened to you as I understand how upsetting it is. But be assured that people who steal images will never be able to paint with your style or flair. (This comment was told to me by a very successful lady artist - the more your work is known the more it happens!) After the hurt that someone would do this has faded I think you will see that this is so. Sadly we have to protect ourselves by reducing images on the web and that is a shame for the genuine student. I love your work, please do not let anything put you off :-)

Joseph Leonard Barnes said...

This really hurts when it happens. They say that copying is a form of flattery, but artists recognize stealing when they see it. I've been embedding a copyright seal in my photos. At least this might discourage theft.
Chin up, this too shall pass.


Phyl said...

You know this sort of thing is just sad. I can't imagine what they could possibly do that would convince anybody that the painting was originally theirs, simply because they could never reproduce the same quality. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I really appreciate the efforts you make to share your work. I'm just learning and I doubt I will ever be very good, but I gain so much when I visit your site; I thank you very much for your generosity.