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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Long Time No See!

Well, this time I have really been missing in action and I am sorry. I have done a few little fast things just for the fun of it so that I did not go completely nuts! Besides a dear friend discovering cancer and trips, my son moved home after selling his house! He wants to live in his old hometown but finding work has not been easy. It surely is a change to start cooking for a strapping young man again but such a joy. I just find that after all the cooking, cleaning and washing dishes I have little desire to paint...mostly because I am too tired! Ha! But I have been working slowly on a full sheet of sweet peas from my garden and I do believe it is really almost done. So once I get it to the photographer and get some shots I will post it. I am thinking this is a bad time of the year for such a thing as he very well could be in New Mexico skiing for all I know! So we will see how this goes.
I have 2 paintings running around in my head that I am anxious to do. I will be posting them and they are very different from what I normally do. Hopefully they will be fun. So apologies for my tardiness and hang in New Year resolution is to be more faithful to this blog! Thanks, Janie


Veralyn said...

Dear Janie, I really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the steps of doing your artworks. I have always like to do art from young but never really allowed myself to embrace it as my vocation. It's quite difficult to make a living as an artist especially in Malaysia the country where I'm currently residing. So, I ended up in the corporate world doing adminstrative and human resources work for about 10 years. I felt disconnected from what I'm doing for a living since the very beginning and ended up having depression. It's been 7 years now since I had stopped working due to depression. I'm currently staying at home helping out with the house chores and occassionally feeling down and bored with life. Surfing the net for artworks is one of the things that calms me down and my passion for doing art which I have tucked away deep in my heart seems to have resurface. However, with the endless house chores day in and day out have left me with little time do anything else not to mentioned being tired at the same time. I'm still single and living at home with my parent and an elder sister. Both my father and sister are working full time to support the family while I'm staying at home helping my 70 years old mother with the house chores. I hope that you will give me some advices on how to get started doing art from home along with all the house chores to do. Thank you.

Christiane Fortin said...

Dear Janie, As always it's great to read you. It seems that no days everyone is so busy doing things they don't want to do it's a shame. I think humans have missed the boat. Life is there to grow and enjoy each day as they were the last. Maybe tomorrow will not exist so one must absolutely do something enjoyable each time they have the chance to have another day.

Veralyn, take the time to do what you like. 5 minutes a day alone in your room.. Two little strokes of paint thats all it takes to make us happy.. Make it a priority to do something for yourself each day it will help you do better for others.


Happy Holidays

Jane Freeman said...

Veralyn, Christiane is right, you MUST find a little time for yourself. When I was raising a family I would just go work for 5 minutes on something if that was all the time I had. Since I work in watercolor, I would put down a small wash of color and have to leave. One might think that was useless but it was all I could do and within that year I finished one of my favorite paintings I have ever painted. On my website it is the white iris which was received into the American Watercolor Society National show. So try do one small thing every day and you might discover you find more time! The key is having a place to keep your work so it is easy to get at. Even on a small pull out table under another table if you have no you can roll it right out and get to work quickly. I believe if you do this, you will begin to be less depressed because you will be following your heart. Another thing I might suggest is to whistle or hum alot. It is very hard to be sad when you do this as it releases endorphines into the brain that really help us!