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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mailing List

I have been curious to see if this blog would work well enough to also be used as a Newletter. Those of you who subcribed above are now numbering near 140 people and so I would think this would work. I would be interested to hear from those of you who watch often to see if you think this is a good idea or do you use a different method for your newsletters? I surely am open to any suggestions! Thanks ever so much!
On a different not, I am beginning a large full sheet painting but since it is white dahlias, the drawing is so light there would be no way for you to see it. I will begin posting it's progress once you can see it better.


Mrs. B. Silly said...

Jane, I for one think this is a great way to communicate.
I'm looking forward to seeing your white dahlia.
Thank you, Bridget

Michelle Himes said...

Oh, goody, white dahlias! I LOVE white dahilas. I will be checking in to see your progress on this. :-)

Jane Black said...

JANE, Your notebook concept works great and I look forward to your emails. Next best thing to studying and working with you! Do you plan to give any workshops at Cheap Joe's in Boone, NC this year? I missed the last one but will be working with Joe Miller at a three day workshop in April at Nancy Couick Studios in Pineville, NC. Thanks so much for sharing your work with us. JANE BLACK

Phyl said...

Hi Jane,
I love this format. It's really great to follow you in the process of a specific project. A newsletter might be great for us, but it could get very tedious for you! Personally, I love the spontaneity of this blog, we might not hear from you as often if you were tied to a newsletter format. This way we hear from you the moment you have something to say!!! LOL
I love it!

Jane Freeman said...

I sure am glad this works ok for was a test to see what people thought because if it works in place of a newsletter I love it! Ha!

Deborah "Deb" Jeffrey said...

Hi Jane:
I love receiving your posts and seeing what you are up to and how you problem solve your paintings. I think this method would work great for your newsletter!

Thank you!


Phyl said...

I need some help, so I hope it's okay to ask a question here. I'm just getting back to painting and I have developed a physical problem, mainly a tremor that is driving me crazy. I'm painting yellow roses, before I always used mask on the stamens, now for the life of me, I can't do it! Does anyone have any suggestions, I would appreciate any help or advice.
Thank you,

Jane Freeman said...

Wow Phyl, I am not sure what to do...have you had that tremor checked out?? Are you eating protein for your muscles? i never use masking and just paint around things but with a tremor that would be hard too! If you use transparent or semi transparent paint, you might be able to lift the stamens back out...put masking tape edges close together so that they are the width of the stamen...hmmm...that is the opening with the tape on either side...then make sure it is down good and use a damp sponge and run it down that opening...and see if you can lift them out...I am not sure what else to tell you because the termor is going to make it tough!!!

Phyl said...

Thanks Jane, I'll try that! Maybe I'll make a little "teeny weeny" stencil! I hadn't thought of lifting. All my colors that I use as a standard pallet are transparent, I'll have to use something in that area that doesn't stain to badly.

Thanks for asking, and yes, I've had everything checked and they think it could be ms, kinda goes with my double vision. (glasses with prisms fixed that!)
Oh well, if they make up their minds, it's treatable, including these stupid tremors. However, they won't treat till they confirm the diagnosis, BUMMER!

In the mean time I've decided I would try to paint again. It's a little slow, but it is the most enjoyable "all consuming" thing I can do!

Thank you so much for the help! I'll let you know how these roses are doing,

Jane Freeman said...

If you could sort of draw the stencil, perhaps a friend could cut it out for you...and that is something you could use again and again and just reverse it etc...for flowers looking the other way! I think it might give you the freedome you need! In fact, a visit to a craft store might find a stencil precut that has that look to it...worth checking into! If I lived in a town with such a place I would go find it and mail it to you.
I hope you get your diagnosis quickly because the sooner you can be on the meds the better...sometimes we need second opinions too if someone is dragging their feet...we girls have to take control of our lives and health because not everyone has our best interest at heart!Keep me posted on what you learn about the tremors...and would love to hear what you come up with for the stamens!