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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dahlia Continuation!

Well, ever so slowly I am least I am finding the shapes and that will be a big help later. I might find only 1-3 petals in a day if I feel tough but it is all helping. Goes to show you that you can paint even a little each day and accomplish quite a bit!!! So no excuses guys! My colors I am sure are not great again but I did learn not to push enhance as that makes them blue which they are not! I am learning! So one will show more of the composition and the other will show the 3 I have been slowly working on.
As to my health...still coughing and very tired but I am improving and am very glad for that!!! I suspect that next week I will begin to feel much better! Thank you all for your kind words here and through emails as that really kept me going! I do have such fine friends here and you are greatly appreciated!


joan Ashworth said...

The colours are growing richer and the dahlia is becoming beautiful. I wish I could do the same

Regina said...

Jane, your blog is so inspiring!
Take heart, I had a persistent respiratory illness this winter, but it eventually passed. I found that keeping involved with my art helped keep my attitude up - even though it had to be limited as you are right now.
Spring is right around the corner.

Angela said...

This is looking so beautiful!
I have been sick the last few days also, but have not been near as dedicated to painting as you have.
I'm very impressed!

Billie Crain said...

Glad to see you back in action, Jane! i haven't felt well for a bit over a week and the first thing i tend to leave alone when i'm out of sorts is my painting. my hat's off to you for forging ahead even though you aren't in tip top shape at the moment.