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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Fix!

Ok...for those of you seeing this...check out the picture below as well to see the mess I have and here I am going to explain what I am trying to do. First of all...just going dark was not the is a bright sunny day to begin with and secondly a dark color would have hidden the one bird completely. It was not appropriate. I eventually came up with this rock wall as I felt the blue could come through it and not be too bothersome. The blue is staining and so lifting as you can see in the far left edge is not easy and will abraid the paper. The rocks seem to be working and so will continue with that and then I will have to figure out the area above the tallest dahlia as I spilled some juice while I was will only darken with any washes over that I am still thinking about. None of the painting is done at this point and now with the wall this dark it will mean that the flowers will need alot of value adjusting...but I am going to try to save this piece. Oh, I forgot to mention why I thought of trying such a bright blue! Not my normal color is it? Ha! I started to think this would make a great garden flag etc. and they usually want a bright color in them...I guess I learned my with new paint and understand it. I never use new stuff as I know what my old palette will do. It was careless with such a beautiful piece to do this. I guess we can safely say I was not in my right mind at the time!!! Lesson learned!


Phyl said...

HMMMM.... mistake? or Blessing!
I think someone is going to pay you LOTS of MONEY for this! I love it!

Jane Freeman said...

Thanks Phyl...we will sort of scares me to be goinginto the dark with this and the possibility of ruining it but that is life! wrote about blues that I do use and so tomorrow I will answer that...tonight I have choir practice so need to do that and make some supper...but will cover that so you know what I use. Thanks!

Billie Crain said...

Nice save, Jane! Sounds like you've been beseiged with too many unhappy events recently. Probably not the best time to be making crucial decisions but I tend to spontaneously experiment from time to time too and have ruined a few paintings in the process. Btw, what was the blue you used? I'd like to know so I can avoid it myself.

Michelle Himes said...

Jane, the dahlias and the foliage are absolutely wonderful! After all the work you did on them, to have the background color fail you must have been devastating. But then your creativity kicked in and you have painted this beautiful rock wall. Bravo!!!!

P.S. You should make it a rule not to work on an important piece while sick or after receiving bad news. (So sorry to hear about your friends).