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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Back!

Well, the presentation to 100 artists went well. I now have a two day demo to work on and then a workshop for 3 days coming up in 2 weeks...then I hope to raise my feet in the air and review my life goals and weed the garden.
I did fiddle with the dahlia painting some more. Once I added the birdhouse to cover the pom juice I spilled, I realized the blue sky was too fought with the light dahlias. I will be darkening them anyway now because this shifted the values alot but at least it will not have to be as much as if I had left a light colored sky. In the end this is going to be more of a painting to see if it can license for garden flags than for anything else...but I hope all of you will stick with your work and solve is always a neat learning experience...I found I loved the blue wash on all those leaves,,,so much blue and I wondered if those background leaves would even work but the veins being blue is working...and it just pushes me to think outside the box and make up things. I did take a photo before this to show the sky partially covered so you could compare but silly me. I did it with that new camera that I cannot seem to get a program to run to bring the photos that one is there but unobtainable now...I will post it if I ever get it out. so here is where I am right now...alot of work now needs to be done on the flowers but that is not bad,,,the shapes are there so when I get time I will get into that and try to finish this up. still alot of work to do...deepen shadows in leaves and birdhouse etc...but I always adjust as I go to make sure I do not go too dark too soon.


christinoell said...

It looks just beautiful, although i think yo are right that the dahlia's need to be a little darker now. I really love the background leaves; they are so pretty.

Jane Freeman said...

I wish I could work on this but cant right now...but am anxious to see how the dahlias will go is sometimes hard to change directions...they were working out being so soft and I loved them that way but now it is becoming a darker painting so we will see what develops! I guess it will be a surprise! Ha!

Lois Andersen said...

How clever to add the birdhouse to solve the stain problem. I think it also ties in with the fledglings. The original concept was stunning but so is this! Yes, I love the leaves as well. Thanks for sharing your process!

Phyl said...

I love this painting Janie! This one is particularly great because of the way you adapted the painting from your original vision. I think the painting is beautiful now, so I'm looking forward to what you might do to enhance it even further.