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Friday, June 12, 2009

Fading Peony Demo

My peony has these neat teddy bear seed pods on it after the petals fall and every year I cut some just to admire. They are quite large and so pretty! My plant is getting ready to bloom again and so I will be able to make adjustments to the painting if I see it is needed. Hopefully I can paint on this and make some headway as I want to finish up the dahlia that is ssoooo old! I think I have forgotten what colors I was using! I want that one done too because I am nearly done with the next drawing and really am anxious to get busy with it!!!
I am so glad to be back on track!!! Of course, if we get some warm weather I will have to do some gardening too. It has been unusually cold here and so everything is sort of frozen in time...a little sunshine will get things hopping I am sure!


Deborah "Deb" Jeffrey said...

Hi Jane, Thanks for your post! I don't know if you were kidding or not regarding not remembering which colors you were using. A watercolor artist friend of mine, Deb Festa, shared this tip with me -- I have found it invaluable and am passing it on to you....

Write your colors used for various parts of your painting on the back of your reference photo. My reference photos now have the image on front and the back looks something like this...
- Initial wash - New Gamboge
- Skin:
- Light wash - New Gamboge + Rose Madder Genuine + Pthalo Blue
- Shadows - New Gamboge + Aliz Crimson + Fr Ult Blue
- Eyes:
- Rim - Burnt Sienna, Aliz Crimson
- Iris - Quin Gold + Phth Blue + Sap Green
- Pupil - Winsor Violet + Sap Green


This tip has been a painting saver. I never have to guess at what colors I was using for a painting that has been set aside. It is also helpful to remember color combinations for something that really works!

Happy Painting!


Jane Freeman said...

Deborah...that is a terrific idea...and if I had any idea this would have happened I would have done something to document my colors...but so many unforseen things occurred with that painting...first of which was being sick for 5 usually is not a problem for me but thankfully I use a very limited palette so by looking at it I should be able to tell what I was using...if I ever get back to it!! Ha! We are suppose to get a few days of rain so hopefully then I will work on it.It has been such a cold spring and now that I have had 3 days of nice weather I am trying to get the gardens back into shape...that will be never ending but I enjoy it since we have what seems like 9 months of winter...some people say we have 5 months of winter and 3 months of tough sledding...! Ha!