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Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Paint!

Well I was surprised yesterday to learn that when I am in Pasadena for the Arts and Materials show I cannot use my Daniel Smith paints so will be using W&N. So today I put out the request for paint so I can try it since I have not used them in over 9 are going to know what I am doing...I tried to draw just a tiny bit today but it was hard as my eyes were dilated for an eye exam to see if the whole in my retina is healing and it seems to be...where it came from we do not know. So another thing I am juggling. I also purchased a video camera that has a hard drive so it can take movies for 86 hours I think it if I ever find time to learn that I am going to do short demos for do not think that I will begin this until October or later! Ha! Maybe but I am not sure I have time to figure this all out. I have to first make sure I have all the demos done for Pasadena. I am excited to go there to teach. Just filling you in on what I am doing....did not forget the blog...I just am not getting anywhere too fast!


artistecathy said...

So can you tell us why you can't use the Daniel Smith paints in Pasadena??? I generally use Winsor Newton because they are available world wide - and I live in France half the year - but there are a few special Daniel Smith paints I bring with me from Oregon.

Jane Freeman said...

Hi! Well Daniel Smith is not going to send a representative there to supply the paint I guess...I have written to them but I think Dick Blick does most of the underwriting on these things so that might explain part of is hard to change when you are so use to certain paints...I do not even have to think with my old favorites so this is just making me learn something new which is great but for doing demos that maybe is not so great! Ha! I do not want to be saying opps! Ha!

Jane Freeman said...

Did a little drawing today but it was making me crosseyed! I can tell it will be slow going and so to keep my interest up I just might have to paint areas as they get done! It has been alot of strain for the left eye that has the hole in the it is just taking longer but I should be rolling here one of these days!!