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Monday, August 10, 2009

Clothes Pins Stage 2

Still no paint arriving here so I am becoming worried about the last few days I have done some painting...not as much as I would like because we finally have some nice weather and I have been doing alot of gardening as well...moved a few roses I have wanted moved for 3 years! So that feels good. Tomorrow it is suppose to rain and if it does I will work more on the painting but my husband has also taken time off so then I do not get as much done. At least I am seeing progress! There still is much to do...alot of darks etc but I like to build my areas slowly...all of this will change again as I layer up on the different areas. This is not the complete painting either but it is not yet all drawn so felt I would let that be a surprise! Ha! My colors are Daniel Smith, Quin. Sienna, Quin Rose, Bt Sienna, Carbazole Violet, Transparent Brown Oxide and New Gamboge. The ribbon has not been completed as it is such straring that I have gotten headaches and backaches so will let that develop slowly I think. Anyway, it is moving along!!


Billie Crain said...

This is really starting to take shape, Jane. Your still lifes are so complex! You must have the patience of Job or do they take you to a Zen kinda place when you work on them?

Jane Freeman said...

Billie you are funny! Actually I really do not have patience but I am always attracted to something complicated and then I wonder what the heck was I thinking! I am already tired of the bamboo and have alot yet to do on that...but seems I just find myself wanting to paint these types of for a Zen kinda place...ha! I think at times I am holding my breath and nearly passing out trying to figure things out! Ha! Not too Zen!!! I think sometime this winter I am going to try some looser work as my back and neck need a rest!

Judith Angell Meyer said...

Jane, I'm the same way. I never went for the "scales" with my watercolor, just straight to the symphony! Then had to work my way out of it. I think ultimately we learn more that way anyway. Going to gorgeous!

Terry Banderas said...

Fantastic detail!!!! Nice post.