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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Redone WIP

This is a little closer to what it is like...there is more purple in those browns than the other picture was showing...this will have to do! The bamboo mats are very tedious and yet fun because I am trying to make a pattern of light on them that makes them more interesting.


Judith Angell Meyer said...

This is such a gorgeous painting. So intricate. You asked about titles the other day. I like the simple "Memories" but also, (These are a few of...) "My Favorite Things." Maybe "Milestones"

You will find just the right title.


Jane Freeman said...

Judith...Milestones is interesting and not one I had thought of...and someone else emailed me and suggested Mondays....which was the traditional day for washing that is interesting too!!! Thanks so much...I am going to keep them all in mind!

Billie Crain said...

Jane, how do you NOT get lost in all that detail?! This is just amazing! I like the purple undertones, too.:) I'd love to suggest a title but I'm title challenged.:(

Mary Kosary said...

What beautiful colors and what a challenge to take on with all the details. How about a title of "Pin Up Queens".

Jane Freeman said...

WOW Mary...that is a very interesting title!!! I will be pondering some of these as I get back to it...I really miss real painting but have to keep this other demo tracing stuff going! In 3 hours I should it all done for the first class...taking 45 minutes per drawing! ARGH!@

Liana Yarckin said...

this is amazing!

Liana Yarckin said...

this is amazing.