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Friday, November 20, 2009

Moving Closer!

Ok...I could write a book about why this is taking so long. I have been sick since Pasadena...but am improving daily now. Also I was asked to do 3 paintings for a book from Quarto Press in London which I began and was ready for the first photo shoots when my son rolled his truck and totalled it and things just had to be cancelled. He is ok...but it was a crazy few days there and the deadlines were right then...impossible for me to do. So that took time as I had 4 paintings going of the step by they are useless! ARGH!

I finally dared to just do something with the background. Yes, I considered the wash outside the window but this is such a complex piece I feared too much was going to distract from the point of this is what I have decided on...just the appearance of a shadow across the wall behind and sun coming in...Hopefully this will be enough to support the subject and not detract. I would keep painting on this but on Tuesday our local PBS station is coming to do some filming and so thought I might leave some of this now to do when they get here...but I will need to get it done quickly then and photographed as I already missed AWS submissions because of the book painting...that really got me off track along with being sick. Thanks for your patience!


Debbie Cannatella said...

Beautiful, Janie! As always, just beautiful! I love all the earth tones with the pop of pure color.

Jane Freeman said...

Thanks Debbie...this is one I am anxious to get completed but things keep getting in the way!

Billie Crain said...

OMG! That background is perfect, Jane! It really makes the main focal points explode in a good way.

Pam Utton said...

Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine how long it would take to capture such fine detail. This is a wonderful painting. Thank you for sharing.