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Monday, December 21, 2009

Another wash on Mondays Wash

I would like to even go deeper but a deadline is looming and so I have to say done...but I did go a little darker and not sure if it shows or not...but here it is...supposedly done!


Jane Freeman said...

Well I guess it hardly made a difference! HA! I thought it had! Well it is different...take my word for it! Hee!

Chris Beck said...

No, it does make a difference, Jane!! The background is softer and moodier. I like it!!

Pam Utton said...

how did the contest go? Such a difficult painting. Just don't know how you do it.! Like the new blog format.

Jane Freeman said...

Pat, results do not yet come for awhile if i am in or not..the jury process takes awhile...hope I am! But it is stiff competition. I have had this blog now for quite some time...several years at least and I like well for me!

Jane Freeman said...

Sorry Pam...I see my typing still has not improved much! Ha!