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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Painting

Since I have not found time to paint as we still have company. I thought I would post a few of the steps to a painting I did for an exchange at the Artcolony. This painting went to Mollie who lives in Texas and is an avid felt pretty safe doing a flower. We worked smaller and also faster which was strange for me....I sure would have liked to do more detail etc but time was an element and I needed it to be shipped by a certain date...It was fun to do as it sure went alot faster than most of my work! HA!  My first image was taken in such a dark space and I cannot get the background to look white...sorry about that. I was sort of letting the background color mingle in case something surprising would develop but decided to just continue to go was the easiest with time constraints.


mollie jones said...

This is probably the most beautiful daylily I have ever seen...and it's MINE! The glow you've achieved in simply marvelous, and I'm soooo pleased with this painting. Your soft handling of these petals is like velvet, Janie, and you should definitely paint more of these smaller pieces. You said it was "fun" to paint...sure was "fun" to receive!

Doris Joa said...

I only can say LUCKY MOLLIE.
But I am enjoying now to see some steps of the painting. How did you do the background Janie?

Jane Freeman said...

Doris, I would just wet the area and float in the beginning I was using Sap Green and Indanthrone blue to see if a pattern would emerge that might show another leaf or anything. Sometimes I see a form happening and will play off that but nothing happened so I would let each area dry completely, rewet and float on more of the sap green and Indanthrone until it was darker...I could have gone darker as black is quite impressive but to me not realistic of a garden at stopped at this point where it was dark enough to make the picture pop but hopefully not too dark.

Christiane Fortin said...

Lucky Mollie snif... snif... hahaha..

Mary Kosary said...

I was blessed to see the painting up close the day I spent with Mollie. You should be so proud, Janie. It is beautiful and glows.