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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monday's Wash

Not sure that is the title but so far Monday's Wash is what I am calling it...any further suggestions? It is full sheet watercolor. The decision on the background was made to be simple like a stucco wall of I was afraid too much would distract...however always after I am done I see a shelf with a spool of twine handing the shadows...but too late for that!
I have thought of having it scanned for giclees but right now with all the mail being so crazy I am not sure I want this going out will wait on that I think.
I have the drawing done for the next one...might not start that until tomorrow...I like to clean the studio in between paintings so will straighten it up a little and make it right have a blue poinsettia waiting to be photographed! Will we have a Blue Christmas next year??? I guess that all depends on the photos! Ha!

This painting is a very limited palette so it was very important to have a number of values going on to make it read properly...I hope I got that part right!~


Colleen Brown said...

Jane it looks fabulous!

Colette Theriault said...

Jane that is simply stunning! I'm glad to have found your blog, you are very talented. Best Wishes, Colette

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Colleen and Colette. It took a looooong it is like a Christmas present to be done!

Therese said...

I absolutely love this type of painting done with a limited palette. I'm just starting with watercolors, and learning all about color theory. This is a great exercise in values. I'm also new to your blog. Thanks for sharing.