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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Time Is Not On My SIde!

It has been a crazy whirlwind around here and I am still dizzy and sleeping [not much] in the that a month now? Not sure! But I am better so that is good. I recently lost my dearest friend to cancer. Her funeral is next week. Her had is in my book several times holding the brush when I had to take pictures. She was my greatest encourager. I shall miss her greatly. This will also put me behind some but I will still get things done.
 I have just finished a painting for a Christmas exchange with some artist friends and I will have to wait to post that until after Christmas when she opens it. Would not want to ruin the surprise!
I am singing in the Christmas choir and also wed night services so that is also time consuming but gives me alot of joy at this season.

I will not try to bring the clothespin painting to completion over the next week if possible. There might be large interruptions as I have no idea what this next week will bring but I will try. I have had some nice suggestions as to the title but perhaps you can be thinking for me and add some more to the list. I believe this one will be shipped off to be scanned for prints. That is a little scarey at this time of year with so many packages going around...I would hate for it to be damaged. We will see what I decide. In the meantime I am posting a friendly squirrel who enjoys peanuts in the shell I buy for him and the bluejays. I have found a good source for unsalted ones and they really "squirrel" them away! Ha! I hope to be posting better here soon!


Lois Andersen said...

I am so sorry to hear of your friend's passing. I know how you must feel. I lost a life long friend to cancer also. I miss her. I always will. Yes time goes by so fast.
I am so enjoying the progress of your paintings and my copy of your book.
With warm thoughts, Lois

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Lois! I am sorry about your loss too. But we were blessed to have had such wonderful people in our lives. I will always miss her and she taught me so much about living. I will spend little time mourning her leaving and more time rejoicing in having known her!
Thanks about the painting and my book!!! I need to get moving on that and complete it as the next drawing has been sitting here for over a month!!! Drives me crazy! Ha! Snowing hard here...lake is still open but winte is trying to come. I saw 5 swans in the dark last night so they better try to fly south soon!

Jan Pope said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I know you feel like a piece of you is missing. Good friends are hard to come by and I know you will miss her. I have no words to comfort you except to say that time is the only healer.

cristinoel said...

I am sorry too. These things happen, it is good to have God, the Father, who carries us through these times.
hugs, and prayers, Tina

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Tina and Jan...yes it sure is easier when you have a strong faith. I think as I age that becomes more strong. I have not had long crying periods as I have in the past with others I have lost...instead I am finding joy and I think that comes as we mature to know that this is not final...there is still another chapter to write in her life! And that chapter goes on for eternity!

Angela said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Jane - you have a wonderful attitude about it, but I'm sure it will still have it's difficult moments.

I love your photo. I love to feed birds too, but never understand when people complain about squirrels getting into their feeders as I actually find the squirrels even more entertaining! Our house is located in what used to be a large hay field, so a big open expanse before getting to the feeders, and I was thrilled last winter to have two gray squirrels who dared to make the 'crossing' nearly every morning at about the same time. I'm hoping we'll see them again this year if winter ever gets here. :)

Take it easy and don't worry about your painting this week - sounds like you have enough to think about!