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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter White Peony

I darkened a few more area on the peony leaves but now we have very bright light outside and I think it just killed it...maybe we will see a difference. I am hoping to get this scanned next week and then it might be more accurate. I have signed it and want to close this chapter and move on...the next drawing is progressing and I will post that next week hopefully!
Painting white flowers is always odd because do you chose grays or what to shadow with...but if your values are right it doesn't matter, as it will still appear as a white flower. I seem to prefer a blue/gray color for this most of the time. It feels believeable but gives some life to the flower more than a gray would but I have done a mixed gray and it has been lovely too. So don't fear the white flowers as they can be alot of fun!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Winter White Peony

This white peony might not be done so I still have not signed it but thought while there was a lighter sky I would get the shot for you. We have so many gray days it is hard to get a good picture so took my opportunity!
I struggled with the background as it was an old piece of Strathmore and it reacted differently, making my wash in the background get very granulated. I was not sure I liked that and then while I was sick I started to diddle with it which is never the thing to do. I should have left it alone but so it goes. I never learn my lesson to not paint when I am sick! ha! Many of you have seen the mistakes I have made over the years while sick!
Hopefully all that is left is to clean up a few edges but will take my time tomorrow looking it over to make sure.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas full of laughter and blessings!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jane Freeman Workshop

As you know I had to withdraw from teaching nationally for awhile but a friend wrote a grant and got it for me so I will teach a class here with reduced cost to the students! They pay $100 for the workshop and I still get paid my normal amount so this will be great!
I will be teaching a workshop here in Bemidji, Minnesota! I have stopped teaching nationally for awhile due to personal reasons but will begin doing a few locally until I can travel again.

The dates are March 10, 11 and 12, 2011 and again on 4/2/2011. The cost is $100 because we have a grant to cover the rest! So it is a big savings. Time is 9 am to 3 pm each day.


The phone number is 218-444-5606. Those who wish to take the class should contact us no later than January 31st as we are half full now.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Little Friend

A few weeks ago this small bird showed up here and it was -20 below...he was fluffed out and having trouble with his beak. It was freezing...he was not eating well and did not belong in northern Minnesota at this time of year. I did not see him again and assumed he had died.
This afternoon he reappeared! I cannot believe it...his feet are not too good and still he is not eating very well...he doesnt like what I have...that part I feel bad about...I did not get any fat out for him which is what he needs...but it would scare him now. I waited until he flew and put up a house for him and he came back and has used it! If he flies again I will get the suet down from the tree for him as well. I have been crying as I really am so grateful he came back, is alive and is using the house...hopefully I can help him stay alive.
I also have tried to paint a little...I have been sick and not getting much done but if i could just feel better I think it could be finished very quickly...i will keep you posted!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

White Peony demo

The sun is shining so I wanted to grab a picture of my white peony watercolor painting. I have only been working on the left side but now that flower seems to make sense. I will come back to the right side again but with all the choir practices and a two day art show I am not thinking I will get to paint until the weekend. But at least you are caught up to where I am in the painting. The background still needs to be resolved as well but sometimes for me it helps to know what values I will have in the foreground of my painting to better understand what is needed behind the flower. I am thinking the stems will be darker than the background for something different as so many watercolor paintings just resolve this with a dark background. There is always another solution to a watercolor I think. We will see how it develops!! I took the picture in some pretty strong sunlight so I am afraid the greens might appear a little faded here. But you can at least see where I am headed! I will update the peony demo next week when I am done with all that I am doing.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My computer had to go in for a little Dr appt..and finally got it back. Just before it went down I had taken a picture of my new piece I am working on but could not get at it. So here is my new peony painting a week ago. I have since done some work but now there has been constant gray days and snow storms so no new pics yet. I will try to get that as soon as things improve!
I am trying to find my shapes here and also I decided to make it more blue in the shadows. So these white peonies are with a blue cast which I hope will be pretty. I mixed that with Quin. Rose and Phthalo Turquoise..and a dab of New Gamboge as well. Just remember your triad can make a nice gray no matter which ones you use as long as they are not color mixes. In this case, the turquoise already has yellow in it so I did not need much.
This is a very busy week for me with Christmas coming! I have an art show on Friday and Saturday but before I can do that I have a book signing on Thurs and Wed I will be singing with the choir at the nursing homes in town and practicing for the Christmas my days are full! If I do not paint I will at least try to get the next picture to update you.
Also check out  as a few more images have been added including several from the famous wildlife artist Terry Isaac! You might find something there for a Christmas present!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I still have to check this totally for edges but I believe it is done or nearly done. I am going to post it as it is and also a cropped version as sometimes when I view it online it is so much easier to see what needs to be done.
The struggle [well one of them] has been the fact that in the foregroud the snowbank is is after the snowplow has gone through and then behind is smooth. The chunks were catching all this light and were transparent up on the top edges but when I did it that way it appeared wrong or imagined so now I have blended that out a bit. Sometimes reality is not what makes the best painting! ha! That holds true for a picture as well. I wonderful photo doesn't always make a wonderful painting.
Anyway, this is how it is at this point and the title is Idlewild Morning...but in reality this is late afternoon so I might have to change that...but the first sounds better. We will see what I do with that too! So here you  go...two views...cropped and as is. If this thing will begin working it would help! ha!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Painting Update!

I am moving pretty slowly on this but I just do not paint alot...but slowly it is moving forward and I think I am beginning to see some progress and perhaps the end by the weekend! This is an area on my point that I have walked through since 1972 and always thought it should be it is about time! I thought at the time the snow line at the bottom was fun as the plow had come through and the sun was outlining all the clumps but now I am not sure it appears to fit in...we will see in the end...if it looks better I will crop it I guess...anyway, here is where I am today!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Well I am not breaking any records here but I do not feel up to painting but make myself try to do even an inch a day if I can. So it is not ripping along but it is getting there. I will not be very pleased with it I am sure but it is a beginning. I love landscapes but never do them and want to do them my it will be hard to keep at it and try to develop something but I plan to do just that through the winter. Hopefully by spring I will be more comfortable with this!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not Sure About This One!

I have never done a landscape or a snowscene in watercolor but here it goes! I have decided the time has come to play...loosen up a tad and try something new...I am sure attempt number two will be better but thought I would show you where I am at on this and let you follow me as I struggle with it! ha! I am sorry it is showing so much yellow but my home is all knotty pine...ceilings and walls so that is why I have to take my pictures outside but today is raining and 40 mph hopefully the next update will be more true if I can get outside. This is by no means going to be a great painting but I figured we could all watch the process together! You can cheer me on when I am ready to throw it out the window! There still is a little masking in a few places that you might see...and hopefully my next installment will look better...and be a nicer painting too! ha!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Art for Loon Rescue

Artists wishing to donate a painted image for this cause, please email a large, high resolution image of your artwork and a note giving permission to use it for this purpose, a description of your artwork, and all contact information.including your website, if you have one.

You will still own the copyright to your artwork. You are granting a license for us to use it for this cause.

A little about this: The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (WRC) is one of the largest independent veterinary hospitals for wildlife in the country. From its roots as a student organization at the University of Minnesota in 1979 admitting 50 animals, WRC now treats nearly 9,000 injured animals from among more than 200 species each year. In addition, WRC sponsors robust wildlife medicine education programs in cooperation with the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and other vet schools nation-wide. More than 500 people volunteer at WRC donating a total of 38,000 hours of time –the equivalent of more than 18 full-time employees.
Each year WRC treats dozens of large waterfowl including the Common Loon. Medical care for loons is quite specific, and expensive, requiring special handling, caging and nutrition. From the Gulf oil spill to the water quality of northern lakes, Minnesota's beautiful state bird faces unprecedented challenges. WRC provides medical care to help preserve and protect this magnificent bird and its iconic call.

WRC is 501(c)(3) organization that is supported entirely on donations from the public."

Please feel free to donate to them directly!
Make checks payable to WRC, 2530 Dale St, Roseville, MN 55113. (in the note/subject line of your check, please include "art for loon rescue” Attn: Phil Jenni

You can view the site at
Images can be mailed to me at  just make sure they are large files at 300dpi and you follow the above info. Thank you so much!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today I made a decision to not teach anymore. I have written to all the workshop groups through 2012 and pulled my name. My health has been going down and I just had to make a call. My Drs said to remove stress to try help things so this was my first step. It is not easy as I have worked very hard to get to this point but I feel I had very little choice. I do not want to teach and not be able to give it my all. I just wanted you to know what was going on. I still will do the blog and I hope to continue to paint every day. But I will also now find time to take breaks and take care of myself. I know when one door closes another opens and I will prepare myself for what that next thing might be. Who knows...I just need to keep a positive attitude. Thanks for listening.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Loon Rescue

It is only the beginning and we are not ready to accept other art but this is where we are right now...figuring out how to place images on the tshirts. We will add other products as well...but thought you would like to see where we are!~ I will keep you posted as the website and other things get closer to done! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Loon Rescue

Getting ready to start Loon Rescue most likely sometime next week! I have done the image and might offer it both ways  to see which one people like...but thought I would show you first and see which you seem to like best!  I think having the graphics around the image helps it become more of a tshirt design...that is my opinion...and it goes with the heron I did with the Oil Spill.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Workshop Demo

This fall I attended a workshop in Page, AZ with three other painting friends. It was by David Drummond and we went to see how he paints his signature water. It was great fun and you saw the pictures of where we went rafting etc down the Colorado...but I had not posted the demo we did in class. Mine is not done as I chose to walk with him as he problem solved for each student which was very interesting. I think these dramatic wave reflections are really his signature style and so recognizable as his so that one would not be tempted to really do them in a painting. Besides you would need large rocks to work for this as if I would put such large dramatic reflections under the loon for instance, it would be over kill! But since I never get to go take classes this was great fun and I hope to do more of this as it just is so fun to be a student and not the teacher! ha~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Loon Rescue tshirt

I am working on a design for loon rescue to put on tshirts and boy have I had troubles! I thought I just wanted the image...but then added more water and then felt I should mask the entire loon in order to get the washes on the water right...well I lifted the mask and lost most of the color! Dear Phyllis who reads my posts mentioned there are some masks that do not lift the color but since I use so much transparent paints who knows if anything would have worked. I just went about this backwards. I will post what happened and you will see how the colors went from black to gray...and then I reworked it but now am having troubles with the horizon line from some bleeding in trying to do all that fixing. I really do not want to remask the wings and start over again but will will post how bad it was when the mask was removed...and where I have it back to now...and then hopefully in a few days or less I can show you the final image...gotta think how to do it! I like images for tshirts to be more graphic so that is the next step! Hopefully it will be done soon and I can move on! Sorry the pictures are reversed...the lower one is when the color got lifted and the top one is where I am at now.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Page, Arizona

I just returned from Page last night. I only had a few days at home after teaching in Calgary, Alberta so I was exhausted but this was a dream trip and nothing could stop me! I met several of my friends there and we had a wonderful time. I do really believe I will return there to paint again as this was a stunning place. I actually had no idea that this was where people started alot of the rafting trips we so often hear about. I rafted for 3 1/2 hours on calm deep rivers...where I got out you could start the rapids and go for 14 days!!! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves landscapes. I took 350 pictures on this river and I could do it again and take just as many I am sure! I am posting one to show you from above a boat in the water below to give you some scale of what we rafted through.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Book Review

I just noticed that when you go to to find my book, "A Celebration of Light" that it is now the soft cover and the book reviews were not carried over from the hard cover so it has none! I would really appreciate it if those of you who have read it and like it would please give a review to rank my book otherwise it is not going to come up well in a search. Thanks so much!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

News Paper article

This came out in the local paper today about what the artists are doing to help clean birds in the Gulf...Thought you would like to see the article! To be correct though, Paul Jackson has led this from the beginning and is still working on it...misquotes happen all the time...but I did not intend for this to appear like I have been working on it...just did a painting is all...all the credit goes to Paul Jackson.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Where Has Summer Gone!?!

I see how few posts I have made and wonder where did the summer go? But I also look forward to fall because that is when things will slow here and I can begin the drawings for painting this winter. I have so many in my head I am not sure where to begin! This is the first time I have not painted for an entire summer...painted for me I mean. I have done demos and step by steps for demos but nothing creative for me...I know I need to do that so I will return home the second week of October and I will draw until I have several ready to go and plunge in with gusto!!! My soul needs it for sure. I enjoy teaching but it leaves no time for me to paint for me...and that is not really so good I fear...but for now that is how it is and I am glad to have 2 weeks at home right now before will the the longest I have been home all summer...I need it to refuel as I am feeling very run down and anyway...I hope to begin posting more regular once life slows and I find my brains that I must have packed in a spare suitcase! ha!
I have the heron I designed for the tshirts for the Gulf and was informed last week that it is still the top selling design. For those of you unfamiliar with this, artists from around the world did images that were placed on tshirts etc for sale and 100% of the profits go to cleaning birds in the Gulf. To date we have earned over $6000 for this project! If you want to see my work and the others you can go here...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Demo Final

I believe the demo is done...had a few tweeks to make now that I am home because it is going to possibly be used for a magazine cover out of Minneapolis....but I only had time to make a few corrections as I must begin getting ready to teach in Calgary, Alberta and get those demos ready...but thought you might like to see where I left it at for now.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paul Jackson workshop

I finished teaching another workshop and was home for 2 days in time to meet Paul Jackson and his wife Marla here and they taught a 3 day workshop which I attended. It was alot of fun and being a student again was so different! ha! I enjoyed them so much and I believe everyone wants them to come back next year! Here is an article that was in our local paper!   and here is a picture of what he painted here in the class.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stanley Maltzman

I have not had much time this summer to keep this up as I have been traveling so much. But I wanted to tell you about the highlight of my Bend, Oregon workshop! The other instructor was Stanley Maltzman and I believe his book is one of the first I purchased way back when. He is 89 and still travels and teaches and you would be amazed at his energy! He is delightful and charming and talented...what a combo!!! I think if you are a plein air artist and like pastels, you will enjoy his workshops tremendously! I was honored to be there with him and able to chat each morning for a few minutes during breakfast...he was a true inspiration!

Monday, August 09, 2010

The Artistic Touch 4 Book

The book The Artistic Touch has finally arrived. I am in volume 4 and have 2 paintings that were accepted. It will be available soon at Borders and is filled with 170 pages of artists work to enjoy! This is the cover and the two I had published. If you click on the paintings they will enlarge some.
Also wanted to mention there are a couple of spaces left in my workshop in Calgary, Alberta so if you are interested in joining me you can get the info on my website at and you will find the email contact there to enroll! I hope to see you there!

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Back!

I am back but right before leaving my computer had a virus and it is still in the I cannot post any pictures for you for awhile. It was a terrific workshop with the nicest bunch of ladies ever. I wish I could have had another day really! When I can I will post how far I got with my painting and they with their's and show you how it went.
I leave on Tuesday of next week until Sunday as I have a show at a gallery in Stillwater, MN and so hopefully when I arrive back I will have my computer up and can post pictures from there as well!!! Thanks for hanging in there with me!!! Take care!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Off To Bend!

Leaving in the morning for Bend...hoping the weather holds as they are calling for severe thunderstorms! Yikes! I will just pray they all go somewhere else as I have to arrive! I will post when I get back how the paintings turned out and fill you in on the rest of what is planned for August...something every week through that month and then off to Calgary in Sept to teach! Everyone have a good 2 weeks!!!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bend, Oregon workshop

I thought I would show the demo I am working on for the workshop in Bend at Art in the Mountians.  This is what everyone can work on if they like or they can work on their own painting. I still have alot of darks and more details to do but this is where I will leave it and finish there the last day.
It seem seems summer is slipping away from me. I think I packed too much into these few months and now I am not home enough to enjoy the summer...we will see how it all plays out.
I will have a show in the beginning of August in Stillwater, Minnesota so have to begin getting that ready too as it will be on top of me when I return from Oregon!! I guess this pace is keeping me out of trouble! ha!!! Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Am Home!

I returned last Monday but have been so tired that I have done very little. Mostly got the gardens back in order and washed clothes! Seems when I am gone nothing gets done...but of course it is just my things that build up! ha!
I went to Oklahoma to visit my sister and be with her for her 75th birthday! That was terrific and I enjoyed it alot but could do without that heat! Then from there I went to Wichita for a private workshop with Hugh Greer. Hugh and his sweet wife Terry have been online friends for maybe 10 years! So when he offered me to come I jumped and ran...straight to Kansas! Ha! It was a wonderful 3 days and I learned so much. He works in acrylics and is a retired architect so his landscapes are something he has done since the 60's. He does amazing work and to see it in person was overwhelming at times! I even cried! Just beautiful. I am hoping to start working in acrylics and doing landscapes more this winter. I am posting the last days work but remember it is only 1/2 done. I am not sure it will ever be completed but it will help me when I start again later this year.  You can view his lovely work here at his website:   and I know you will love it as much as I do! Unfortunately you cannot see all the wonderful details online and let me assure you in person it is overwhelming!
Now I have to keep my nose to the grindstone as I teach in Bend, Oregon at Art in the Mountains in mid July so have to finish up the demos and get things shipped ahead to be there when I arrive! Pressure is on. You might not hear from me for awhile but I will be thinking of all of you and will be anxious to get back and report in!!!
This painting I am posting is 1/2 done with alot of grasses yet to do and details on the barn etc...the sky needs to become darker at the top and more detail in the trees but this will give you an idea of what I have been doing and the direction I would like to eventually move!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Image is Up!

My image is up on zazzle and you can read about it and see it here!!!     I hope we can all be the voice for the animals who cannot say anything...they need our help.

Gulf Oil Spill

I have been trying to get a good photo of my piece for tshirts and think I have it but not ready to post yet...if it is ready before I go to bed I will post it for you. The site the art work will be on is :   with all the artists donating their images for use on products there and 100% of the profits will go to the Gulf programs selected. I believe it is all listed on the site! There are already some wonderful pieces there. Hope you will help us by supporting the is one way we can make a difference.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Working on Oil Spill

I am working on a design to use on t-shirts that will be sold at a Zazzle store with the profits going to a group for washing birds...all of that is in the works now but thought I would post where my design is so far...hopefully I can pull this together by tomorrow. My daughter arrives Monday with her husband for a week and then I am gone for 10 days...when I return I will have to finish up the demos and get everything packed for Art in the Mountains...I am looking forward to giving this workshop!!!  
I will repost this as soon as I think I have it finished!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have been working on my demo for Bend, Oregon and it is very hard to stay in my chair and actually do it because we have had such lovely weather! It is driving me nuts! Ha! After such a long winter it is just impossible to look out the window and be content for now...but I hear there is rain by Thurs and so I can maybe get alot done then! Just wanted you to know I have been here but just nothing to post...
My painting Mondays Wash arrived for the Transparent Watercolor Society of America show and is hung so I am excited about that. Always nice to have recognition for something you work so hard on.
If anyone is still interested in Bend, Oregon, there still are a few openings. I am traveling there a bit early to take in the sites and get info for future paintings so I am excited!!!
Hope everyone is well and happy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I found out today that "Sauced Grapes" was juried into the new Splash 12 book which is due out May 20th of next year. I am excited to be in another book!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I need to velcro my butt to the studio chair as I am having trouble staying there! It is just beautiful out and after a long winter and being inside so much it is hard not to be out in it! I have been out since 5:30am and I need to come in.
I have been working on the demo for Bend, Oregon where I will teach at Art in the Mountains. This will be the demo for Calgary, Alberta as well...I think it will be a difficult but fun piece for everyone.
So here is the lake! And why I just had to be outside!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Pearfect Day

I wanted to post the final on this painting so you can see where I left it. Not sure if this is the title but it will do for now. I really had to force myself to consider a very simple background and something other than dark which is such a common solution. This sea/sky seems to lend some atmosphere but I think had I added clouds it might have been hard to know...maybe I would have loved it! But hopefully this idea will begin to evolve for me. This is a nearly full sheet. I am really liking combining a still life with a landscape...I just have to get better at it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am off to the framers today and did get the pro photo shoot of my last painting with pears. So will get that framed as well. When I get back on Friday I can do the color correction etc and will try to post that last painting. I say last even though there are those 2 out there but I am so sick of pears! Ha! One I wrecked the background last minute and the other is about 1/4 or so done...and I think I will work on it off and on and think about the background on that one and take photos to try something...being more careful with it than the other one! Ha! So I will be checking in soon with an update!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Workshop Updates

I might be accepting a few more workshops but I like to keep the numbers low as I enjoy being home to paint too so will only be doing a few workshops each year. But right now there are a few openings in my workshop in July at Art in the Mountains in beautiful Bend, Oregon. You can follow this link to my page and from there move through the site and register and see how pretty the area is! Hope I get to meet some of you there!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Slow Progress

I actually have not been painting for some time now. I think I burned out! Plus so much has been going on here which made it hard for me to paint. I learned not to paint when life is in turmoil when I wrecked the background on that last piece so I am laying low until life settles.
I have been out taking photos however...out of the house and breathing air and trying to keep my health going strong! Took this lovely picture of swans down by my bridge and I hope to go up to the rice patties north of me where they grow wild rice. In a few weeks that should begin to fill with thousands of swans. It is deafening and hopefully when they arrive I can get there and take pictures to share with you!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pears On Vacation

This is maybe not the title but that is what I am calling it right now. It is not done and I am trying to go more slowly because of the other disaster! That was terrible! But I am trying so many new things something is bound to go wrong. This time the tape worked and the masking quite well crazy moves on my it is ok so far!
I had thought there might be trees somewhere on the horizon and now I dont think I want that so now I fear the painting is cut in 1/2 with the not sure how this will all be fixed...hopefully over the weekend I will have this one finished as well!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Four Pears

Ok gang...still experimenting here and this time I have really gone a stretch...there is still so much to do but before I go any further you can see the direction I am trying to go. The blue is not showing up right here...but this is more about the idea than the color at this point anyway. I can see where doing all of these paintings up to a point is allowing me to experiment without feeling like I am losing too it has been a worthwhile test. I think today I am done as I am wore out...I am going outside my comfort zone with mostly my imagination on this...small references to use but thinking I want to just investigate possible backgrounds...if I like can bet this summer I will be taking pictures!!! So here is Four Pears on Movil Lake.  I am sorry I am keeping this so small but images are being lifted again so it is what I have to do from now on.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I was just notified that the painting, "Monday's Wash" has been juried into the 2010 Transparent Watercolor Society of America's national exhibition. I am tickled as I love this piece and was hoping it would do well!  The exhibit runs from May 1 to July 25th at the Kenosha Public Museum in Kenosha, WI  near Chicago so if you are in the area, this is a terrific show to see!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In the Bag and New Update

This is my final photo...I still have to have a professional do this so it is right. Still not sure about "In the Bag" but it will be that until the name comes to me that is better. I got the bar code in on the lower right pear which was fun.
This painting is only getting the wood treatment right now...but that is coming along ok...This might be a slow one and be the last one finished as some elements are pretty complicated...but we will see.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In the Bag

I am not done but will show you where I am at and tonight or in the morning I will finish it and post the final right here with this one I think...unless there is more I want to say.
I have to redefine some of the openings between the boards which I have begun, clean some edges and check a few values in areas. I hope that I can feel ok about this one and move on to number three of the pears.
Trying a landscape in the background was nerve wracking especially since I do not do them and then I chose to do autum to keep the coloring the same through out the picture. When we have those clear days each tree is so clearly defined that it was not an option to do them softly blurred. Also that would have appeared almost like a different painting in the background. I do like the idea so now with that in mind I will be taking pictures of things that might be possible backdrops for other still life works...I think it is one way to solve that problem of the background without resorting to dark....or nothing...those are too simple of solutions. So this test has shown me a few ideas I think...and I used an old brush with jagged edges to just drag the wood grain took about 15 minutes! So that was fun and using this tape for edges was new...also the masking for me is something I rarely have used so am trying to get use to it. It does have some draw backs...but more practice might help.
Will post the final tomorrow!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

In The Bag Today

This is where I am at 3pm...I started at 9am. I cannot believe it is going so slowly but guess there has been alot of thinking to figure out these reflections. I think by tomorrow I will be closing the gap and that will feel wonderful as I am itching to work on the next one. The tape I am using is Painters Precision tape that is bright and found it at ACE Hardware. It is working very very well!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

In The Bag progressing

Today I worked all day and thought surely I would be further along than I am but I guess I am glad I am as far as I am!!!
Today I began working further on the painting In the Bag...or whatever it is cousin said to call it Pearishable...ha! Anyway, in this first picture you can see how I am using tape to get the straight areas and I used clear shelf paper with masking around the edge to block things off to put in the water...having never done a landscape of any kind before in watercolor...except for 2 plein aire...I decided that this was the approach I would take. Well I taped one area off wrong...but I think when my reflections go in that will be covered...I hope!

Then when I removed all the tape I began the far shoreline of my lake with fall trees. That is now done but all the reflections have to go in...hopefully tomorrow that will go easily and then Sat and Sunday I can finish up the painting! I think that this process is pushing me to do more work..or work faster...not sure what it is!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's in the Bag

Not sure this is the title but I am calling it that for now. This is where I am today as I stop. I am trying to make up this wood without a reference and am wondering how far to take it...I am thinking of an unusual background so hopefully I can begin that tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Party Pear Final

I am not sure how this is going to appear as on my computer it looks square...and it is 22 x 17. This pear is about my dear friend Margo who passed away in December...she was the light of my life and the joy that came through the door each day...some friends are like that...bounce into your life and teach you how to live! She was the most positive person I have ever met and found good in everything...and I mean everything! I never heard her complain once through everything she went through. In August I was setting up still lifes of pears and as this one was developing it reminded me of Margo...she made everyday a party. I will think of her every day when I see this and hopefully live a better life because of knowing her.
This is going in at a lower resolution than I usually do because some of my images have been lifted again. I am sorry about that.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Party Pear Progress

Party Pear is getting closer. I have my son and his girlfriend every weekend so that has really slowed my progress but I still keep working some everyday. Thought I would show where Party Pear is today...and tomorrow maybe I will show another one. It has been a struggle with the odd plate this was on...sort of a gold patina and so I have been glazing with greens, golds and also a glaze of Tiger Eye which is a mineral watercolor from Daniel Smith. This paint tends to granulate as the actual rock settles out so it gives some subtle textures. Now when I finish the stem and umbrella they will pop more . I will begin to feel better when I can complete some of these and get them behind me!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Four Pears and a Frog

This one has so much drawing I have been doing...I have just started some of the painting but thought I would share it before I go on or move to another. This is a full sheet and so will take a lot of work...I hope it turns out as I like what is going on so far. I am sorry it comes with a gray cast but we are having some pretty gray days here...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Painting In Magazine

I was just looking at the Jan/Feb issue of The Artist's Magazine and on page 13 they have my book but above on 1/3 of the page they have part of one of my paintings that I have not really ever shown much. It is something I thought I would point out as you can easily see how I used colored pencils on this piece to get the texture and water reflections...It is a very fun and fast way to work over watercolor to bring a piece to completion! Just thought some of you might want to try it!

Slowly Advancing on Pears!

Have not gotten alot of work done as I have my son and his girlfriend here...but I am drawing on number 5 which is more complicated and did get a little painting done on these two. Party Pear has a plate under it that gives off a strange grey/green /gold appearance and I liked it because it was so am trying to keep some of that look...It will get a final Q Gold glaze but for now will be this. I still have more drawing to do on the ribbons in order to begin work on the left side. Pears on a Pier needed to have the ground work done so I could judge some values and so I have begun the wood of the is sunbleached so will not be too dark but cannot put in shadows until that is more or less complete...So far so good. I thought...where do I begin with all this wood! Then just realized it is like lace...find an area and begin and it will fall into place and that is sort of what is happening. Thank goodness! Ha! I hope that I can get a little more painting in today...will see.

Monday, January 25, 2010

WIP Continues!

I took these pictures yesterday and since then I have progressed a little more...but my problem is when my computer had a virus it went it to be cleaned and I lost the programs for uploading my photos...I am going back in with it tomorrow and see if they can fix that...very frustrating. I did manage to figure this out but it was ridiculous how labor intensive it was to get them here...Also when these were taken it was snowing very hard...very gray days here for the last to get it lighter the color maybe has washed out some but at least it is an update.