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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Milk Glass and Cherries

It is done for the most part...who it sits here waiting for the photographer to come back from a trip I might get my fingers into it but I hope I can just move on. It is again slightly crooked...but it is -20 and I just hate to ask my husband to step outside again! HA!
I think I might try masking again but it is a very chancey business and it scares me to wreck a painting with that stuff but there will be times it could be very useful so will need to work with it some more and perhaps try other brands as well.
I found I do not want Aliz. Crimson on my palette as it doesn't lift and seems to gray color for stacking. I did like Perylene Violet however and will add that. I need to work with it some more but believe it will make some nice layers but need to try it more.
Not fond of just neutral gray in my work but wanted to see what that was like...I do believe it tends to make the other colors near it more vivid however. I tend to have more color in my grays...but have to consider this more.

So all in all I had a number of things I was learning with this piece and the fact that it turned out at all is amazing to I really hated it in the beginning. But I never give up and often things shape up later if I just hang in there. A good lesson in life and painting!!


Phyl said...

HOLY COW just when I think things can't get any better, there you go! This is really a beautiful painting. I read your comment on Art Colony and I see that little bit of pink you're talking about, but I had to really really look for it. Now that I found it, I don't know what's wrong with it. LOL
In my eyes it's just perfect.

By the way, that other artist who does cherries is gonna crawl under a rock when she sees this! LOL

Sharon said...

It is just beautiful!! I love cherries and would hang this in my kitchen in a minute. It is so perfect!

Jane Freeman said...

Phyl there are many artists who do cherries I would think...not sure anyone has the corner on that market...thanks for your fun response! Ha! You made me laugh right out loud!
Thank you Sharon...It turned out much better than I thought when it first began!

Andrea and Otfried said...

Oh, Janie. I love this one.
Otfried's calling, so I need to run. Your paintings are amazing!!!

S. Etole said...

those colors are so rich ...

Phyl said...

I was just joking Janie, I don't know of any specific artist who does cherries, I just thought if there was one............ LOL

Jane Freeman said...

Ha! Well Phyl, there are a few artiss who have become famous for their cherries...I would have to dig deep to remember who...but wonder if Chris Krupinski isn't one of them...anyway, they are fun to do and think I will do more..but I am trying another experiment...I have 2 nearly finished being drawn...3 more to go...and will try to paint 5 paintings at once...all about one subject so thinking that might make it easier...or I might get real sick of this...ha!

Laura D said...

Just reading some of your older posts and wanted to let you know I feel the same way about permanent alizarin crimson. Have you tried pemanent carmine. Absolutely devine!