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Monday, February 22, 2010

Four Pears

Ok gang...still experimenting here and this time I have really gone a stretch...there is still so much to do but before I go any further you can see the direction I am trying to go. The blue is not showing up right here...but this is more about the idea than the color at this point anyway. I can see where doing all of these paintings up to a point is allowing me to experiment without feeling like I am losing too it has been a worthwhile test. I think today I am done as I am wore out...I am going outside my comfort zone with mostly my imagination on this...small references to use but thinking I want to just investigate possible backgrounds...if I like can bet this summer I will be taking pictures!!! So here is Four Pears on Movil Lake.  I am sorry I am keeping this so small but images are being lifted again so it is what I have to do from now on.


deborahspalette said...

I truly love the way you do wood grain. I would love to learn the technique, any hints. I do watercolors and murals and my newest is fiber art glass pendants. Stop by sometime, Many Blessings, I love visiting to see what your gonna paint next.

judylaliberte said...

Looks like the beginning of another great painting. Fun to see where the pears are going to show up next or with whom.

mollie jones said...

Here's a new idea for you, Janie...why not a series called "The Berry, Cherry, Peary Party"? Would love to see what you would with reds! Ha!

Guy Vincent Magallanes said...

Hello Janie, I've given you the "Sunshine Blog" award. Please go to my blog to get your award and to see the rules of acceptance.

Jane Freeman said...

Well I should have taken more pictures but hate to report that this is the first painting I have thrown since the early 90's!! Without a plan it just was not were great and it will lead to more of this I am sure...but without reference material it is not working this summer I need to take alot of pictures. Yes, there are several more pear paintings to go but now I am worried about ruining them!!! So I have to do more thinking before I go into them,,,very upsetting as I thought this one had some great possibilities!

r garriott said...

What an interesting juxatpostion of scale. Very nice!