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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Party Pear Progress

Party Pear is getting closer. I have my son and his girlfriend every weekend so that has really slowed my progress but I still keep working some everyday. Thought I would show where Party Pear is today...and tomorrow maybe I will show another one. It has been a struggle with the odd plate this was on...sort of a gold patina and so I have been glazing with greens, golds and also a glaze of Tiger Eye which is a mineral watercolor from Daniel Smith. This paint tends to granulate as the actual rock settles out so it gives some subtle textures. Now when I finish the stem and umbrella they will pop more . I will begin to feel better when I can complete some of these and get them behind me!


V Bridges Hoyt said...

This is really cute! You have such an imagination for setting up compositions, and of course, your painting of it is always perfection!

Michelle Smith said...

This is looking good, Jane. I just received my first Daniel Smith mineral paints today and can't wait to use them. They really give great texture. Looks like you got some nice texture on the bowl with the Tiger Eye.

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Nita and Michelle...I sure would like to finish this one and feel like one is done...but I might let it rest and work on another one for awhile...with 5...there is always one ready to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I like you play with words and ideas. Party Pear is most festive!

Gary Keimig said...

It is looking really good, Jane.
Interesting color choices.

Pam Utton said...

awww- very nice