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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Slow Progress

I actually have not been painting for some time now. I think I burned out! Plus so much has been going on here which made it hard for me to paint. I learned not to paint when life is in turmoil when I wrecked the background on that last piece so I am laying low until life settles.
I have been out taking photos however...out of the house and breathing air and trying to keep my health going strong! Took this lovely picture of swans down by my bridge and I hope to go up to the rice patties north of me where they grow wild rice. In a few weeks that should begin to fill with thousands of swans. It is deafening and hopefully when they arrive I can get there and take pictures to share with you!


V Bridges Hoyt said...

I dearly love this photograph! What beauty you live with.

Barbra Joan said...

Jane, like you I can't paint when my life is upset. I've always heard that artists just 'buried' themselves in their work. and I've always been just the opposite. Right now painting is a forced undertaking, thats so awful to me as I love to paint. I just keep my hand in it for now until life settles in a little, and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.. Good idea, taking photos for now. Good Luck, and look forward to your work again. BJ

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Nita...I love it when the swans come back too!
Barbara, I think as artists we have tender hearts and when people step all over us...we sort of go into hiding. I suspect if I were an abstract painter then even in saddness I would paint...but when I try to paint what is beautiful...and my heart is heavy, it is a hard thing to do. So I understand you completely...taking photos however lifts my spirits and then I have a nice pile of ideas when life returns to normal...whatever normal is?!! Ha!

Linda said...

I can truly relate to you. My life is in such turmoil that painting is the last thing I want to do right now. My art class has a show this month and all I have to display are past paintings.

Jane Freeman said...

Life can throw us many curveballs...we have to stay somewhat on track just for ourselves and our identity. I know I am an artist so I try to find creative things to surround me even when I cannot paint. I also walk alot and try to drink in the beauty around lets me create in my Linda, find ways you can still create...even rearrange the furniture in the house! Something to allow you to express yourself! It just might help you through this time.

Deanna said...

Hi Jane,
I love this photo - it would also make a beautiful painting! I've been enjoying your blog and your updates on your progress. Hasn't it been wonderful having spring in March for a change! Would be nice if it stays this way.

Jane Freeman said...

Hi Deanna! Thanks for popping in! Well we have had only a few really bad days and today is lovely isn't it!!! Spring is around the corner and even the cat is out sniffing the air!

musicm said...

nice picture love it.

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