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Monday, August 30, 2010

Demo Final

I believe the demo is done...had a few tweeks to make now that I am home because it is going to possibly be used for a magazine cover out of Minneapolis....but I only had time to make a few corrections as I must begin getting ready to teach in Calgary, Alberta and get those demos ready...but thought you might like to see where I left it at for now.


thomas w. schaller said...

beautiful beautiful work jane - i'm impressed!!

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Tom...I am honored you took the time to peek!

bricarwaller said...

Gorgeous! I love the composition, such a great vignette.

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...


justin said...

i think that u r the best artist in the whole world ..i have no words to describe your work ....i wish i cud also learn from you ...y dont u put some free tutorials so that people like me can also learn from you !!...thanx