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Saturday, November 20, 2010


I still have to check this totally for edges but I believe it is done or nearly done. I am going to post it as it is and also a cropped version as sometimes when I view it online it is so much easier to see what needs to be done.
The struggle [well one of them] has been the fact that in the foregroud the snowbank is is after the snowplow has gone through and then behind is smooth. The chunks were catching all this light and were transparent up on the top edges but when I did it that way it appeared wrong or imagined so now I have blended that out a bit. Sometimes reality is not what makes the best painting! ha! That holds true for a picture as well. I wonderful photo doesn't always make a wonderful painting.
Anyway, this is how it is at this point and the title is Idlewild Morning...but in reality this is late afternoon so I might have to change that...but the first sounds better. We will see what I do with that too! So here you  go...two views...cropped and as is. If this thing will begin working it would help! ha!


Jane Freeman said...

It is not allowing me to access my computer to upload the images so I will wait awhile and see if this clears up. I am sorry if you are getting a bunch of messages because I keep trying!

Jane Freeman said...

Finally got them both posted and I think I am leaning toward not cropping..what do you think?

Phyl said...

HI Janie,
I saw the pic on Art Colony. Wow, this looks so beautiful. I love the way the ice chunks in the front turned out, this sounds crazy, but I think it adds warmth to the picture. Lovely!

Phyl said...

I'm with you, don't crop it, I like it just like it is!

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Phyl! Well warmth I am not sure of...ha!!! But yes, you are right, I do have some warmer colors down there...snow can almost become northern lights during these special evening hours...a little hard to capture and of course, I am not a landscape painter so this is all new to me!

Doris Joa said...

Hi Janie, this is so beautiful. I absolutely love it and for me it looks perfect. I am also no landscape painter but I love what I am seeing here. You did a fantastic job!!! And please, don't crop it.