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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My computer had to go in for a little Dr appt..and finally got it back. Just before it went down I had taken a picture of my new piece I am working on but could not get at it. So here is my new peony painting a week ago. I have since done some work but now there has been constant gray days and snow storms so no new pics yet. I will try to get that as soon as things improve!
I am trying to find my shapes here and also I decided to make it more blue in the shadows. So these white peonies are with a blue cast which I hope will be pretty. I mixed that with Quin. Rose and Phthalo Turquoise..and a dab of New Gamboge as well. Just remember your triad can make a nice gray no matter which ones you use as long as they are not color mixes. In this case, the turquoise already has yellow in it so I did not need much.
This is a very busy week for me with Christmas coming! I have an art show on Friday and Saturday but before I can do that I have a book signing on Thurs and Wed I will be singing with the choir at the nursing homes in town and practicing for the Christmas my days are full! If I do not paint I will at least try to get the next picture to update you.
Also check out  as a few more images have been added including several from the famous wildlife artist Terry Isaac! You might find something there for a Christmas present!

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