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Monday, November 15, 2010


Well I am not breaking any records here but I do not feel up to painting but make myself try to do even an inch a day if I can. So it is not ripping along but it is getting there. I will not be very pleased with it I am sure but it is a beginning. I love landscapes but never do them and want to do them my it will be hard to keep at it and try to develop something but I plan to do just that through the winter. Hopefully by spring I will be more comfortable with this!


Gary Keimig said...

Keep at it. It really shows nice promise.

Phyl said...

Looking good! It reminds me of here in No. Nevada, in other words if you're in the shade you're really cold! It always amazes me just how blue the white snow is, but it truly is that blue! I think you're really going to like this painting.

Hope you're feeling better,