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Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Little Friend

A few weeks ago this small bird showed up here and it was -20 below...he was fluffed out and having trouble with his beak. It was freezing...he was not eating well and did not belong in northern Minnesota at this time of year. I did not see him again and assumed he had died.
This afternoon he reappeared! I cannot believe it...his feet are not too good and still he is not eating very well...he doesnt like what I have...that part I feel bad about...I did not get any fat out for him which is what he needs...but it would scare him now. I waited until he flew and put up a house for him and he came back and has used it! If he flies again I will get the suet down from the tree for him as well. I have been crying as I really am so grateful he came back, is alive and is using the house...hopefully I can help him stay alive.
I also have tried to paint a little...I have been sick and not getting much done but if i could just feel better I think it could be finished very quickly...i will keep you posted!


Phyl said...

Hi Janie,
I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well, hope things get better soon. You know I could help if the little bird were domestic, but wild is another story. If this little guy was a domestic animal my advice would be a warm, moist and dimly lit cage. Baby birds and sick adults always do better in that atmosphere. I used to put a heating pad underneath the cage set on low, a humidifier near by, and covered the cage. Your little guy, if he doesn't belong in your cold country this time of the year could benefit. It's a tough call. If they can't eat the seed, I found they like apples with peanut butter. If I couldn't get them to eat after a few days, I sometimes had to force feed (syringe) my little sick guys a special formula from the vet. That was my cure for sick birds, had
a lot of them that belonged to people who didn't take care of them. Most did fine after a while, but I really can't be sure about your little fella. Gosh I hope he makes it.

Take care, hope you have a wonderful Christmas,

Christiane Fortin said...

My sweet caring Janie. You are an amazing person and love you so much for that. I'm sorry you are not feeling good. It seems to me that lately it happens a lot are you too tired or over working yourself to much. It's maybe time to rest for a bit. You are so wonderful for taking care of the little guy. It's really sad when they get left behind. This year I had a goose on the lake for about one week. It was looking up in the sky at the fellow friends while they were flying around back and forth to prepare themselves for their long journey south. My heart was just giving up each time I looked at it. On day it took off and followed the crowd I was so happy I cried.

Ruth said...

Janie you are too are an angel with wings :)

God love you for helping all the little creatures.

Katrina Donovan Fleming said...
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Katrina Donovan Fleming said...

Peanut butter mixed with some lard/veggie shortening may be the fat this little guy needs. Do you have a Birds Unlimited Store near you? I always bring my questions to them. Maybe you could call them and give them your blogsite so they could take a look at the little fellow and give you some advice? They're incredibly knowledgeable at that store. You could also locate your locate Audubon chapter. Let us know what happens!