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Friday, December 24, 2010

Winter White Peony

This white peony might not be done so I still have not signed it but thought while there was a lighter sky I would get the shot for you. We have so many gray days it is hard to get a good picture so took my opportunity!
I struggled with the background as it was an old piece of Strathmore and it reacted differently, making my wash in the background get very granulated. I was not sure I liked that and then while I was sick I started to diddle with it which is never the thing to do. I should have left it alone but so it goes. I never learn my lesson to not paint when I am sick! ha! Many of you have seen the mistakes I have made over the years while sick!
Hopefully all that is left is to clean up a few edges but will take my time tomorrow looking it over to make sure.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas full of laughter and blessings!


Phyl said...

Merry Christmas Janie!!!
Gosh I love this picture, if my rich uncle weren't in the poor house I'd buy it today! LOL
Hope you and your family have a peaceful and glorious Christmas.

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you so much Phyl!!! I hope your Christmas is glorious and full of joy and laughter!!! Many blessings to you and your family!

Arti said...

Lovely Painting, Jane.You are an inspiration.Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Priti said...

Happy Holidays Jane! love your painting- beautiful work.

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you so much Arti and Priti! Happy Holidays to you as well!

Jane Freeman said...

I have noticed my darks are not as dark as they really are so hopefully I will get a better picture one of these days!

lkpainter said...

I love the white peonies! I think they are very expertly done. I never mind granulation especially in backgrounds. I think it gives the painting a very painterly look. I grow the same peonies...I'll try another painting in the spring. I guess I'm not as patient as you when it comes to that detail work!!!

Mary Kosary said...

This is one of my favorite paintings of all that you have done. It is beautiful. Merry Christmas from Tyler, Texas.

kathleen Ballard said...

Jane, this peony painting is stunning! Wow!