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Monday, January 03, 2011

Birdhouse Watercolor

Happy New Year to everyone! I am doing my typical winter thing by being sick, having back problems etc...seeems to be my routine every winter! So I have been working more slowly but I am getting excited about this piece!
I believe I will be calling it Manzanita Resident or something like that. It is a weathered birdhouse with a sparrow on top. I have drawn most everything now except the background which I think will be just leaves but have had a few other thoughts so have left it open.
Right now I am just finding shapes for the most part. I have started some of the weathered paint and a couple of feathers but I like to find a little of everything before I continue on...I thought before I go any further you would like to see my project. I hope those of you who have been copying my work will realize that this is my copyright and that you should not be copying other peoples work. It is illegal. I am seeing knock offs of my work and I suspect I post these way too big for people to see how easy it would be to copy...but I am trusting you to be honest. If not then I will have to take other please be honest and do not copy what is not yours. Sorry but a few can ruin it for the many I guess.
I hope everyone is staying well and that the New Year brings all of us many blessings and much happiness!


Mrs. G. said...

Happy New Year. I hope things start looking up for you in the health department.

I so enjoy seeing how your paintings progress and being able to expand the image to really see the details. I find it appalling that someone would rip off your work that way. I hope you aren't forced to stop posting your paintings because I enjoy them so much. You are so talented and I really enjoy your work!

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Mrs. G! Well people copy all the time because they just do not care or know better...but it is fraud. So thank you so much for understanding. Every once in awhile I have to write about this as it happens. Even had one person say they used my work to actually teach classes...that was really odd! They would be mine to teach with, not some one elses...ha!!! Thank you again!

Phyl said...

Hi Janie,
Happy New Year! This little birdie is going to be just ADORABLE! I love to see your work as it progresses. I'd sure like to run into one of those unethical little twerps that like to rip you off! I'd sure give them a piece of my mind! That just irritates the dumplings out of me! It's just sad.... I do so enjoy your work, it's too bad we might not be able to because of these thieves.

Love ya, hope you start feeling better really soon,