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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Manzanita Resident Watercolor

I thought I better post where I am because we have sunshine and we could lose that for the week! It is so bright out and the reflections off the snow are so blinding I did lose some color but this will give you an idea where I am at. At this point I am doing the unthinkable. I thought I would just have the bushes behind like planned but now I keep having visions of white dahlias and not sure I should do that but will have to at least consider it. I hate to change my mind as often I find it might not be as good...because you are altering things. I like a plan and sticking with it. I will complete the sparrow and then have a good look at this. The house is not done either but I like to add the darkest darks once I see how everything else looks. Hopefully by next weekend we will be alot closer to done when I post this watercolor. I took this picture in Manzanita, Oregon and have been calling it Manzanita Resident but not sure that will remain the title. Any thoughts? Thanks for peeking!


Janet Belich said...

Wowzers Jane. So clean,crisp & neat. I love where this going. Whatever you decide will be wonderful. :))

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Janet...I hope I can pull it off 1/2 as wonderfully as you did your corn!

Ricardo said...

Jane hello beautiful I think this watercolor, the truth I would put him or title, the image speaks for itself, fantastic congratulations, greetings,

Karens Hopes said...

just popped in to say hello, I have enjoyed reading your blog, mine is in the doldrums latley but I am feeling inspired to get my paints out again.

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Ricardo! And Karens, I am glad you feel inspired to start painting again! I have been dragging my feet so no updates yet!