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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sparrow Watercolor Demo

Well I am finally closing the gap in painting the sparrow on the birdhouse. There still is so much to do but I believe the next phase will finish it so thought I should post. I still am trying to solve a few problems but believe the repetitive arrows bring the eye up to the bird nicely. The repetitive leaf shapes are working well and I am trying not to put any detail in them so that they are not too distracting. I have a headache from working on the bird feathers this afternoon so will stop for now. I still need to work with alot of the upper leaves but want them to be softer and the bird is not done yet but close...I hope I will love it when I am done because when you put so much time into them you want to like them! ha!    This watercolor is 22" x 16 1/2" and is all transparent watercolor. I am sorry it is slightly crooked but I think you still get the idea.


Phyl said...

Hi Janie
I love the way you did the leaves, I agree the shading is plenty of detail, and you wouldn't want to detract from the lovely wood and shadow effects on your bird house.
Mostly, I like the expression you achieved on "Mr. I've got an attitude" sitting on the roof!

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Phyl...ha...maybe he needs an attitude adjustment!? ha! The oranges are coming through brighter than they really are...but guess that is just what it will be until next time! Thanks Phyl!

Mrs. G. said...

I love the crisp details you have in this painting. You have such a knack for incorporating crisp and blended elements.
It's always a pleasure to view your masterpieces!

Carolynn McDade said...

Hi Jane.. i found your blog on a top 50 watercolor painters blogs listing.

Lots of fun browsing your blog. Beautiful work! Look forward to seeing more in the future!