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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finishing Up Watercolor of Blue Heron

Since I have no energy I was looking around the studio straightening out a little and found the Blue Heron I did for the Oil Spill to be put on tshirts. I did not need to complete the body as I did the lines in box form around the heron to make it more graphic and then sort of set it aside. I decided to finish it so it can be a new image on cards this summer. It did not even take an hour to complete but it feels great to get something done that I can use during tourist season! So it might not be much guys but it is at least a sign I am moving forward, albeit rather slowly! I have another Dr.'s appt on Tuesday for some tests so we will see what I learn then.


Ricardo said...

I congratulate you for your work explendido me look a very good job, greetings.

Martha Kisling said...

I love the detail in the Blue Heron - not easy to do!

Olivia said...

Wonderful bird and wonderful painting !

Olivia said...

Jane, I realize now : is it your work I recently saw in a french watercolor magazine?

Jane Freeman said...

Yes it is! This bird was in for an ad and I believe I have an article in this month although I have not heard back from them and I have not subscribed to is all in Euros and I have not figured it out how to order! ha! I hope they send me a copy though...thanks!