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Thursday, March 17, 2011

At Attention

For now the title of this is "At Attention" as that fits so well on entry forms! ha! This watercolor is done. I have had it photographed and want to move on to something new. I am worried it might be dark...but I have added darks so you might see a change in the coloring some. I am hoping to enter this is Birds In Art. That is a tough show to get into but I want to at least try.
I want to point out here as a teaching thought...the leaves remained more like shapes with little interest in them because I feared they would detract from the house and the bird. It was very tempting to go in and add something to them but I have not and I think that was the right choice. Backgrounds are always hard for me because I do not want to settle for a dark background just because that is easy or a solid one...I am always looking for another solution and because I am so stubborn it will always be my challenge I guess! Ha! Thanks for following me on this through two illnesses!!! Next I will work on a cat with a girl...some would say girl with a cat but I think the cat is going to steal the show if I can pull it off!


Jane Freeman said...

I figured out how to lighten it so the colors stayed it looks alot better.

Larry said...

Great Jane as always! Laremac

Lorraine Watry said...

Jane, I am new to your blog. I love this piece. I really like how the bird sort of blends with and appears out of the background. I like the decorative quality of the leaves. I wouldn't change a thing. The title is great! :)

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Lorraine! Very kind of you! I hope to get it scanned for prints at some point...then get this thing under a mat and hung so I do not mess with it! ha!