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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Girl With Cat Update

I have not been painting much as it was nice so have been outside doing the gardens but today it is windy and snow! Yes, you heard me right! It is bitter with ice forming on the docks. I am wrapped in a blanket as I type! I just cannot get warm. I thought I would update this painting in case I work on it some today yet. There is not enough info in my pictures to really help me with some of this and so I am just taking it slow. I hope that it will all work out and get done this week so I can move on! I have several drawings going and hope to start one soon if possible!
For those of you following this, my son was home and so he saw the Rotweiler painting below and a tear fell. He said it looked just like her and so I guess that was a success!


Christiane Fortin said...

Janie it's already beautiful. Your son must be happy about the painting I'm sure.

Michelle Himes said...

Jane, I know that you were worried about this painting, but it is wonderful! It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. :-)