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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sorry About Such A Delay!

I have been absent far too long! I am so sorry but life just keeps getting in the way. I was gardening for a week or more trying to weed it well because I was gone so much last year teaching...well then came in and did manage to do some painting and then my computer got a virus...finally got the computer home and they have somehow removed the photo program so now I have to take it back in tomorrow! ha! BUT!!! Tomorrow afternoon I should be able to post where my new painting is at...I have left my son's dog and my daughter's cat for awhile and when things seem more normal around here will finish them off. I did work some on the dog too but will wait for that final post.
I leave June 3rd for Chicago where I will meet 10 artists and we will run with our cameras for 5 days taking pictures of everything we can see! It will be such fun. Then I will be home 10 days and then off to help my daughter at her store in Oregon for a bit...I do not have anything else scheduled until Aug so I should be able to finish the three paintings up and begin the next during that time...YIPEE! I had such grand intentions but I am allowing myself time to play this year which I have not done in a number of years. In fact, I have begun to save papers to begin a collage at some point! Yes you heard me right! AND I might begin plein aire painting and am looking forward to that thought!!! I hope I can as I think that is the perfect thing for summers up here!
So...hang in there with me...I hope to update you tomorrow of where I am at on my new piece! 


Patsy said...

Hi Janie- So glad to hear you will be back in Oregon. I would love to see you if I am in town (Portland). The only time I know we will be gone is June 19-29. If you need a ride from the airport to the coast, I would be happy to do that, too.

Jane Freeman said...

PATSY!!! HOW ARE YOU!!! You have to email me and tell me what you have been doing!! I come in on the 20th! ha! Poor timing I would say! I was going to come out for a family reunion in Aug but Suzy is so busy she cant come in to get me so I have opted out of it...but lets stay in touch!

LadyP said...

Great to hear what you are up to. Winter beginning here so hopefully more inside time for painting :)

Jane Freeman said...

I just love winter too for that very reason...when it is ice I just have to be outside so when winter comes I am so excited because I am ready to just paint for the next 6 months!!! I usually have at least 3 drawn and ready to go and just love that. I had 3 drawn partially for this summer but something always gets in my way in the summer months...that is life!!!