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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yellow Rose Watercolor

I finally got the programs working so here is my first installment on the new painting of a yellow rose. I will be gone now for 2 weeks so will have to paint like crazy when I get back but I am enjoying this painting so it will not be hard to get back into! The trick in stacking colors with yellow is not to make green!! ha!  The background is going to be dark so I hope that is going to make the rose sing!


Janet Belich said...

How can you leave this ?? Good that you have time when you get back from Chicago.Wonderful start! Can't you bring it so we can see ???

Jane Freeman said...

Oh you silly girl! ha!!! I just hope I can remember my color combinations when I get back! ha!!!

Michelle Himes said...

Oh, Jane, I LOVE yellow roses! I can't wait to see this one finished.

Bobbi Price said...

This is going to be wonderful Jane

Dani said...

Hi Jane, I think a wonderful job, as the subject of flowers and I find it very difficult to do so with your mastery. I link you on my blog if you do not mind. regards

Stephanie said...

fantastic love your work